Xiaomi will launch a war against advertising in smartphones

Xiaomi heard the complaints of its users and will add an important improvement for MIUI

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Xiaomi начнет войну против рекламы в смартфонах

MIUI will be less to show ads

Smartphones Xiaomi are famous not only for its affordable price but also a comfortable shell MIUI, which many people like even more bare Android. However, for a cheap price tag of smartphones is one very unpleasant feature – on the cheap devices, the shell displays ads to users. The company address was sent to hundreds of thousands of complaints, and Xiaomi has finally heard its users.

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The Chinese manufacturer has officially stated that it will fight with the is in its shell and will substantially reduce it. As reported by Android Police, the most affordable flagship Pocophone F1 just “is full of” is in MIUI – it is shown to the user in the settings, notifications and embedded applications. It is clear that in this way the company compensates affordable prices on their devices.

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New firmware Xiaomi angered the owners of smartphones

The Xiaomi acknowledged that demonstration and promotional banners too Intrusive in MIUI and promises to reduce their number in the near future. Moreover, when reviewing the data the following firmware, resource XDA found a pleasant change in the direction of decreasing advertising:

  • Reduced number of ad units in MIUI .
  • The removal of Intrusive ads in the notification.
  • The built-in browser will show 2-3 times less ads.
  • Users will have more control, they will be able to pause and close banner ads.
  • Xiaomi simplifies the search of system controls responsible for displaying ads in the system apps and the settings of MIUI.

Earlier, Xiaomi released the “smartphone-killer” Redmi K20 Pro. And recently, Xiaomi has upgraded Redmi Note camera 7 latest update.

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Xiaomi начнет войну против рекламы в смартфонах

Xiaomi начнет войну против рекламы в смартфонах

Xiaomi начнет войну против рекламы в смартфонах


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