xQc is the highest-earning streamer in January with earnings of $300,130

xQc is the highest earning streamer in January with earnings of $300,130


Using data compiled by Feedpixel, data analysts at Fair Betting Sites crunched the numbers to find out how much top Twitch streamers earned in January 2023. < /p>

In short, the top five streamers took in over $1.04 million last month. Even more strikingly, leader xQc far outstrips his closest opponent, TheGrefG, by almost $94,930, an amount 31.7% higher.

Nearly $3.4 million per year

According to Fair Betting Sites, xQc earns approximately $3.38 million per year, the equivalent of approximately $6,270 per broadcast.

Behind xQc are players TheGrefG, KaiCenat and Adin Ross are the only other Twitch streamers to earn more than $2 million a year.

Nine of the 10 streamers on the list earned checks in the six figures in January, with PaulinhoLOKObr finishing just under that mark with $99 570 earnings in the first month of the year.

Instead of streamer anglicism – streamer,another Anglicism that designates a steamship – we can use the term instavideast proposed by the terminology banks. The instavideographer can appear physically in his videos, whether as a main actor or superimposed on the content he broadcasts. Platforms like Twitch specialize in live streaming, especially in the area of ​​video game streaming.

Speaking of Twitch, this broadcasting platform allows viewers to chat with the broadcaster of their choice in live messaging.

From Laval

If everyone knows him under his pseudonym xQc, Félix Lengyel was born in 1995 and grew up in Laval, according to his file on Wikipedia. His esports career kicked off in 2016, and since last November he has ranked as the fifth most-watched channel on the Twitch live-streaming platform.

Number of subscribers: over 11.1 million on Twitch.

In addition to the Twitch platform, Félix (xQc) Lengyel uploads several of his tours on YouTube where he has 2.13 million subscribers and you can visit his page here Twitter.

xQc plays and broadcasts in French with his teammates on YouTube