XV of France: the five players ready to make a splash during the Tour to Argentina

XV of France: the five players ready to make a splash during the Tour to Argentina

Le troisième ligne et capitaine du MHR Lenni Nouchi, sélectionné pour la Tournée en Argentine. Midi Libre – SYLVIE CAMBON

Lenni, Demba Bamba, Serin, Frish, Attissogbé… cinq joueurs à suivre.

Nouchi the neophyte, Bamba the ghost, Serin the revenger, Frisch the Irishman… five players to follow during the summer tour of the XV of France in Argentina.

Lenni Nouchi, pattern size

One of the rare bright spots in the dark MHR season, third row Lenni Nouchi is scheduled for the Blues. Followed for a while by the management of the XV of France, Nouchi, named captain of Montpellier at barely 20 years old, is a versatile player, most often playing on a wing or helping out in N.8.

The U20 world champion, trained in Béziers, is not afraid of responsibility. And he takes it on . "It gives me an additional mission that I like so that I can be even more involved when I enter the field", he recently emphasized.

Demba Bamba holds his right

Behind La Rochelle veteran Uini Atonio (34 years old, 62 sel.), there is a place to take on the right of the scrum. Dorian Aldegheri requisitioned by the Top 14 final, Sipili Falatea injured, Demba Bamba and Georges-Henri Colombe will be in the fight for "take the jersey", according to the expression dear to coach Fabien Galthié. If Colombe (26 years old, 2 selections) starts with a head start, having played the last two matches of the Six Nations Tournament, Bamba (26 years old, 26 selections) can take advantage of his power and his experience to regain control. A nice duel of titans in perspective.

Baptiste Serin, paradoxical leader

Absent from the 2023 World Cup then the 2024 Six Nations Tournament, Baptiste Serin has not played in the French XV jersey since the preparation matches for the World Cup, in front of the & rsquo;Scotland (defeat 25-21) and Fiji (victory 34-17).

Almost a year later, the Toulon scrum-half finds the Blues in the shoes of an expected leader, both on and off the field. The most experienced player called by Galthié, Serin will be a guide for a group which includes twenty-two rookies. He also seems to be the big favorite to be named summer captain of the Blues. Ironically, he discovered the international level in 2016 during a tour… hellip; in Argentina.

Antoine Frisch, green light

At 28, Antoine Frisch should have his first international selection. It will be good with the Blues and not the Greens of Ireland who, for a time, made eyes at the center of Munster. Coming to Marcoussis during the Tournament but never yet selected for real, Frisch could well make his mark in Argentina. From there to gaining his place next to the irremovable Gaël Fickou? The former player from Tarbes, Massy or Rouen is no longer one surprise away.

Théo Attissogbé at full speed

On the right and on the left, and even at the back. At 19 years old, the young player from Pau is wasting no time. It must be said that, for his first full season with the pros, Attissogbé panicked the scorers with twenty-four matches in the Top 14, all as a starter, for six tries. Including a double against the great Stade Toulouse (31-29 defeat) in March. This capital performance highlighted his qualities of anticipation and speed.

In Argentina, the U20 world champion will have a new card to play to fit into the rotation of the Blues wingers, behind Damian Penaud and Louis Bielle-Biarrey.

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