Yakubovich has voiced the size of his pension – life is not enough to use

Якубович озвучил размер своей пенсии – жизни не хватит, чтобы воспользоваться

Leonid Yakubovich, REAP April

today, 22:39

TV presenter Leonid Yakubovich in conversation with the correspondent of the portal Teleprogramma.pro announced their pension. However, he said that can not understand what happened to his pension Fund with a monthly salary.

“I retire anything until the spend. I have her listed on the account. I have 23 thousand rubles. But I’m working. I now have a daughter, granddaughter is a student. They can use these tools, so I have to spend money. I think the problem with meager pensions are not to decide,” he said.

Якубович озвучил размер своей пенсии – жизни не хватит, чтобы воспользоваться

Leonid Yakubovich, News

He noted that works with 1961, and over the years a lot of money transferred to the Pension Fund and does not understand when I say that the Ministry has no money.

“I, like many with whom I spoke, not able to grasp what is actually happening. I work since 1962. Work experience I have since 1961, and all this time the state has subtracted money from me. In my opinion, 13 percent retired. Well, what happened to my money? If you count how much I deferred, that my life is not enough to use these money. I could never understand what it means — the pension Fund has no money. Each subtract 13 percent from the salary. Well, then what? This is something I can not understand. Of course, all this is sad,” says Yakubovich.

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