Yale University is testing a drug

L’Université Yale met à l’épreuve un médicament

The famous Yale University, the United States, has chosen its battle horse in the fight against the COVID-19. The university located in New Haven, Connecticut has set her sights on a drug called “LAM-002A,” and better known under the name of apilimod, in partnership with the biopharmaceutical company american AI Therapeutics.

This compound has already been proven in safety, having been the subject of previous field tests on more than 700 patients for the treatment of diseases, self-
immune and follicular lymphoma. However, according to preliminary data, it would also have the ability to prevent the coronavirus from SARS-CoV-2 to infect human cells, particularly in the lungs.

Encouraged by these initial findings, a team of researchers from the school of medicine, Yale announced on Monday the launch of clinical trials of phase 2.

The treatment will be administered on 142 participants who have recently received a positive diagnosis at the COVID-19 to see if it helps reduce the presence of the virus in infected individuals.

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