Yan England : an “Anakin Skywalker in the phantom”

Yan England : un «Anakin Skywalker en fantôme»

MONTREAL – Immediately after completing his participation in the popular show “une grenade avec ça?”, where he stood the punk Darius Léveillé, the prolific Yan England, has given life to Theo Phil Langevin, which he describes as “a kind of Anakin Skywalker in the phantom”, in “L’appart du 5e”.

“I feel I have had the chance to play my “Star Wars”. I’ve always dreamed of having powers…,” recalls the actor when he recalls the youth series, which United TV currently offers the replay.

Vivid fascination

For five seasons, Yan England, was a phantom, which it was not known if he was Elected, and what side of Good or Evil he was going to lead. For him, it was a wonder total at each reading, whereas it is plunged in a universe that is energizing and rich in surprises.

“Every time I read an episode, I said to myself : “Oh my God, we’re going there! And then there’s that! This change happens because Theo is like that, such a character is bound to it, and such a ghost is here!” Each time, it was a discovery in the action, the suspense, the laughter and emotion…”

Serious research

Totally different from what he had been doing since her tv debut at the age of eight, this role has prompted the comedian to turn into a famous actor.

“My character had died several decades earlier. I am, therefore, inspired a little of the time of James Dean because I wanted to see the styles, postures, how people could walk.”

As Theo Phil Langevin is death, wearing a jacket red James Dean, seen with his collar raised, a particular approach, his thumbs inside his jeans and shoes and a hairstyle from another era.

Like “Stranger Things”

Passionate about the art of telling stories – whether in front of or behind the camera, Yan England has never wanted to categorize its projects, to be trusted in youth, or adults.

“I’ve always put the same enthusiasm, the same professionalism, the same dedication, as all the artisans and actors with whom I worked on each of the projects, he says. Everyone is launched out to do this, create the best shows possible and hope that the audience sticks with it.”

In addition, although children and adolescents may be targeted by a program or another, the artist maintains that the universe erupted, and fantastic production, youth can appeal to everyone. Her example? “Stranger Things”, great success of Netflix.

Two episodes of “L’appart du 5e” are broadcast on U.s. TV on Friday, from 18 h. It is also possible to watch the first season at tv5unis.ca.

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