Yanina Sokolova and Valery harchishin played lovers in the new video “druga Rika”

The track became an anthem to the multimedia project Yanina Sokolova

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Янина Соколова и Валерий Харчишин сыграли влюбленных в новом видео "Друга Ріка"

Yanina Sokolova and Valery harchishin

Ukrainian band “druga Rika”, who became a star on “star Square”, has released a new video called “Some day.” The clip was directed by Anna Burakova, which is the author of two works of the group ( “Ti e I” and “the Secret”).

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“Some day” is a song from the seventh Studio album “Prada”. The track became the anthem for a large multimedia project of the famous Ukrainian TV presenter, journalist and actress Yanina Sokolova “I, Nina.” His goal is to change the attitude of society to people with cancer and cancer patients themselves.

“According to statistics, every year approximately 140 thousand Ukrainians are diagnosed with cancer. It is not surprising that one way or another this disease affects almost every fourth family in Ukraine. Sorry, I know how difficult it is for a person to accept the diagnosis, and especially to find the strength to continue the struggle. However I have other examples – it’s my friend Yanina Sokolova, which even in the darkest times, did not lose hope and love for life. I’ll be happy if our new video will help someone to overcome a terrible moment, and hope for happiness, that would not happen,” – said the leader of the group “druga Rika” Valery harchishin:.

It is not surprising that the main role in the new video played itself Ioannina. For her story “Somogo of the day” – not just another shooting, but the history of personal experiences. In the spring of 2019 Sokolov wrote the post resonance in the social network, in which admitted that in recent months, struggled with a terrible illness and still managed to beat her.

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Yanina Sokolova presented a teaser of the film “I, Nina,”

“Some day” – a confession and a call. This is the story of two characters who found something to live every day like the last, no matter what happens in your life. We want to encourage people to love and nothing to fear. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I do know how to make each other happy today. The idea is to remove the clip joint belongs to Valeria. We are close friends, so I immediately agreed. And Director Anna Burakova it implemented. I’m sure that after watching this video, the Ukrainians at least a minute to reflect and change their life,” said the actress, TV presenter Yanina Sokolova.

Like all materials that will be presented in the framework of the project “I, Nina,” in the future, the main difference between “Somogo of the day” is that despite the heavy theme, it is easy and in a sense even a romantic video. Like own history presenter, who overcame cancer, a new video “druga Rika” – full of love, surprises and thirst for life, and its main goal is to give hope to those who need it most.

Recall that in an exclusive interview to the program “Ranok z with Ukraine” on TV channel “Ukraine” Yanina Sokolova told why start treatment too late and the cancer has helped well-known TV presenter.

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Янина Соколова и Валерий Харчишин сыграли влюбленных в новом видео "Друга Ріка"

Янина Соколова и Валерий Харчишин сыграли влюбленных в новом видео "Друга Ріка"

Янина Соколова и Валерий Харчишин сыграли влюбленных в новом видео "Друга Ріка"


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