Yanina Sokolova, “Boombox” and a movie night: what awaits the guests of “Bandershtat 2019”

2 near Lutsk kicks off the vivid festival of Volhynia, the entrance for children to 12 years – free

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Янина Соколова, "Бумбокс" и ночь кино: что ждет гостей "Бандерштата 2019"

Near Lutsk August 2-4 will be held the festival “Bandershtat”

2-4 August in the village Village (15 minutes walk from the centre of luck) will be one of the most prominent festivals of Volyn – “Bandershtat-2019”. A ticket for the three day festival is 450 UAH. The entrance for the combatants, people with disabilities and children up to 12 years – free.

Янина Соколова, "Бумбокс" и ночь кино: что ждет гостей "Бандерштата 2019"

A ticket for three days of the festival costs 450 UAH

The organizers of the “Bandershtat” reported that in 2019, planned more than thirty thematic areas: music and literary scenes, a food court, a night of Ukrainian cinema, sporting events, children’s village and master classes. Also in the program of the festival: parade of balloons, flash mobs, Patriotic tattoo, art therapy, night horror quest and excursions Lutsk.

“Bandershtat – is primarily ideological festival. Music should be background and a nice bonus. Recent years, we follow the trends in the festival market, making three music scenes, which were every year more than 60 artists, but this varied programme was slightly displaced, – says the Executive Director of the festival Mariana Koval. This year we decided to go back to semantics. Music festivals in Ukraine, a lot, and the festival of the Ukrainian spirit is one, and it is important not to lose their identity and to remember what we are about”.

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On the music stage of the festival this year will be known Ukrainian bands and performers: “Boombox”, “Tartak”, Kozak System, “One in a canoe”, Vivienne Mort, the Space of Variations, KARNA, Epolets, Qarpa, “Rolliks”, “Violet”, “Zhadan and Dogs” FliT, BAKENBARDY, DETACH, Dj Tapolsky and others.

Янина Соколова, "Бумбокс" и ночь кино: что ждет гостей "Бандерштата 2019"

On the “Bandershtat” is a parade of balloons

One of the speakers of “Bandershtat” will be a Ukrainian TV presenter, journalist Yanina Sokolova, which “Today” recently recorded interview.

Recall, from 26 to 30 June 2019, Lviv hosted the IX international jazz festival the Jazz Fest.

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