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“Yes my spoiled”: SCH is 30 years old, so we have (subjectively) classified all her projects

By Guillaume Narduzzi Music editor After several hooks in the world of cultural journalism, Guillaume ended up specializing in French rap and techno. Always watching an obscure series or listening to a questionable remix, he is interested in everything. And much to nothing.

SCH (Most Streamed Album of the Year) at the 37th Victoires de la Musique ceremony at the Musical Seine in Boulogne-Billancourt. © Guirec Coadic/Bestimage © BestImage, COADIC GUIREC/BESTIMAGE

SCH (Most streamed album of the year) during the 37th awards ceremony Musical victories at the Boulogne-Billancourt Musical Seine. © Guirec…

The rapper SCH – Presentation of the GQ Awards “Women and Men of the Year 2022” at the Kimpton St Honoré Paris hotel in Paris on November 29, 2022. © …

SCH (Most streamed Album of the year) at the 37th Victoires de la Musique ceremony at the Musical Seine in Boulogne-Billancourt, on February 11…

SCH at the photocall of the 24th edition of the “NRJ Music Awards (NMA)” at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes on November 18, 2022. © Dominique Jacovides/Bestimage

The rapper SCH – Celebrities at the Jacquemus fashion show photocall for the presentation of the latest “Le Raphia” collection at Le Bourget,…

Rapper SCH – Presentation of the GQ Awards “Women and Men of the Year 2022” at the Kimpton St Honoré Paris hotel in Paris on November 29, 2022. ©… See the 21 photos Rapper SCH celebrated this Thursday 6 April 2023 his 30th birthday. For the occasion, we looked back on the discography of the artist from Aubagne. An approach which makes it possible to realize that, even after several years, the work of the lyricist remains one of the densest and most relevant of his time on the French scene.

Since its sensational debut, SCH has established itself as one of the key figures of the rap scene in France. Landed in 2015 like a UFO in the middle of a game then in full effervescence because of its essential renewal, the one we nicknamed the S knew how to seize his chance perfectly to impose his musical and aesthetic universe, and thus participate apart wholeheartedly redefining a musical genre that was slowly starting to turn in circles.

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But far from being satisfied with this unofficial status, SCH has continued its momentum by managing to forge a splendid discography, which is definitely among the most interesting of its generation – like other rappers like Damso, Laylow or even Hamza. Today, the one who is also known as Julien Schwarzer in the civil registry and as a juror of the program Nouvelle École on the Netflix platform has just celebrated his 30th birthday. The opportunity to once again take a look at all of the work of an already iconic artist.

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7/”Anarchy” (2016)

Released far too soon after resounding success, SCH's debut album is a disappointment (despite an epic intro with the title track). And this, even if the public is indeed there at the time of the release, in particular for the hits I know her or Hello mom. “Anarchie” undeniably suffers from the comparison with “A7” and, worse, sometimes even seems to mimic its predecessor, even if it means falling into a form of caricature. He will at least have had the merit of revealing the Italian rapper Sfera Ebbasta to the French public with Cartine Cartier.

6/”Rooftop” (2019)

Album stuck between the respective releases of the two “JVLIVS” volumes – no small feat, this disc blows hot and cold. It sometimes touches on the sublime with an SCH at the top, both in form and in subject (Interlude), and at times borders on the bottom (Super Silver Haze). Despite some flashes and a result that remains well above the average offered by the competition, most of the songs did not leave an impression.

5/”Autobahn” (2022)

Although the concept remains particularly elaborate for a mixtape, “Autobahn” is not not the most S-inspired project. hard to roar. The rapper even dedicated a track to Vivienne Westwoodand we can't really say that it brought her luck since she died barely a month after the publication of the title. When it doesn't want, it doesn't want.

4/”Deo Favente” (2017)

Strange destiny that of “Deo Favente”. Shunned on its release by specialized critics and rapophiles, the album is nevertheless full of audacity and various risk-taking, with good and less good, of course. But like good wine, the effort of the rapper from Aubagne improves with the passing years and he has almost achieved the feat of being rehabilitated by listeners several years after his release.

< strong>3/”JVLIVS Volume II: Black Market” (2021)

The Italian mafiosos of the 1960s gave way to the big bandits of the south of France. Influenced in particular by the unexpected scale of the 100% Marseille project “13 Organized” a few months earlier, SCH operates here a 180 degree turn in its musicality. The discourse evolves and turns out to be more contemporary. If the controversial drill sensation Freeze Corleone (Mannschaft) fits perfectly into this dense tracklist and almost without downtime, his friend JuL – despite a successful title in his register – much less (Mode Akimbo ).

2/”A7″ (2015)

It is with this first proposal that SCH forged its legend and its character. The hits that are Champs-Élysées and Fusils are disconcerting, go beyond all the codes known at the time and end up imposing themselves. The eponymous track becomes a staple of the repertoire of S and demonstrations (“to get up for 1,200 is insulting“). With this disconcerting work at the crossroads between the violence of Or Noir by Kaaris and the darkness of the Italian series Gomorra, the rapper delivers a monument of French rap, quite simply.

1/”JVLIVS Volume I: Absolute” (2018)

Rarely has an album proved to be so conceptual and meticulous. Breathtaking storytelling with interludes worthy of a Martin Scorsese feature film, breathtaking imagery the breath and a music that leaves as much pride to the splendid pen of its author as to a musicality tinged with multiple emotions. Nothing is to be thrown away. Everything takes on a striking theatricality and the smallest detail becomes grandiose. A conductor artwork.

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