Yes, we should have seen it coming!

Yes, we should have seen it coming!

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Yesterday, on the show I host on QUB Radio, I asked retired virologist Jacques Lapierre what he thought of the recent decisions of the Legault government regarding the Omicron wave.

“It's like a guy who drives his car but instead of looking at what is happening in front of and around his vehicle, his gaze is fixed on his GPS …”

We could not dream of a better image to sum up what we have just experienced over the last few days …


It seems that Mr. Legault has a roadmap and that he will follow it, no matter what. & nbsp;

He wants to tell people that they can get together with twenty?

He's going to tell people that they can get together with twenty.

Even if there is a lot of evidence that this is a bad idea. & nbsp;

Why let reality spoil the giving of gifts?

It's so beautiful, the eyes of a voter shining!

Here is what we could read on the Global News news site on Tuesday, December 7, 2021, day Quebec authorized the gatherings of twenty vaccinated people during the holidays:

“The number of cases continues to increase in Ontario. Today there are 928 new cases, while last Tuesday there were 687 new cases, and the previous Tuesday, 613. & nbsp;

Of these 928 new cases, 401 were doubly vaccinated.

It wasn't in Denmark or England.

It was next door!

In Ontario!

And Meanwhile, our government was playing Santa Claus by allowing suppers at twenty!

Is there a big five-foot pothole in front of the car?

The driver doesn't can't see it because he's staring at his GPS. & nbsp;


Do you remember what happened? March 18, 2020?

Prime Minister François Legault and the National Director of Public Health, Dr. Horacio Arruda, urged Quebeckers not to use masks in an attempt to protect themselves from COVID-19.

“The mask does not” is not a means of preventing infections in the community. It is reserved for episodes of care. If you want to protect yourself, it's not the mask that is important. Instead, wash your hands! “

However, in 2007, the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec affirmed that the best way to slow down a pandemic was … to wear the mask!

“When used properly, the mask should be able to reduce or less slow down the transmission of the virus. This could allow part of the population to escape a first wave and gain time in order to receive the vaccine against the pandemic strain … “


We have the impression that we are always two or three times behind in Quebec. We wait until we are up to our necks down the road to react. & Nbsp;

As if we weren't looking at what was going on elsewhere. As if we were walking with ruts over our eyes!

No wonder people are super depressed! Ten days ago, the government told us that all was well and that we were moving in the right direction!

While in Ontario, the wave was rising!

Yes, we should have seen it coming!

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