Yet the uncertainty surrounding the catch-up school

Encore du flou entourant le rattrapage scolaire

The revised plan of the school year was welcomed with a sigh of relief in the school system, but many complain of the vagueness that still persists on the measures of academic upgrading.

Representatives of managements, teachers and parents are glad to note that there is more clarity and consistency in the second draft of the plan of government submitted on Monday, in particular, concerning the wearing of the mask, which becomes mandatory from the 5th year of elementary school, as recommended by the canadian public Health.

“It seems to us more coherent than what had been announced this spring,” said Josée Scalabrini, president of the Federation of trade unions of education.

The disappearance of the “bubbles” of 4 to 6 students within classes, judged to be “unmanageable” by the teachers of the secondary, has also been welcomed by many.

“This is what was causing the most headaches,” says Carl Ouellet, president of the Association québécoise du personnel de direction of the schools.

Behind in school

Many stakeholders are urging, however, Quebec to quickly understand the measures that will be put in place to help students meet their academic delay, as many have not set foot in the school since mid-march.

In point of press on Monday, the minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, has stated that there will be “additions” services for vulnerable students, which will be announced “later”.

But time is running out, points out Sylvain Mallette, president of the autonomous Federation of education. “The upgrade of the youth, it is important. A school year, it does not happen in a weekend. It remains a major concern”, he said.

Even the sound of a bell by the Regroupement des organismes communautaires québécois de lutte in the stall. “We think that the minister underestimates the difficulties that have experienced young people during the pandemic”, says its director-general, Mélanie Marsolais.

The movement

I protect my public school, we consider the lack of announcement on the measures of academic upgrading just “seal” the presentation of the government plan, revised, which has, however, brought “real relief” on the plan of sanitary measures, says his spokesperson, Patricia Clermont.

The success of the students is also a concern at the highest point, the Association of paediatricians, says its president, Dr. Marc Lebel.

“Those who were already struggling in school, it will be necessary to find ways to help these students to ascend to their level and that you do not end up with bigger problems later, or dropping out of school, which would be a disaster,” he says.

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