Every time it happens – because, yes, it happens unfortunately often, I write the same chronicle.

And I’m going to rewrite it today.

And the next time.

And the next time again.

Because it is necessary to say and repeat these things as long as men kill their children for revenge on their example


Guys, why you are not going to see it when it does not go between your two ears?

When the engine of your car makes funny noises, you don’t hesitate two seconds and go to a garage for a specialist to open the hood and look at the things that don’t.

Well, you should do the same thing when you hear a funny noise in your head, when you feel that rage and anger are taking over.

Go see a specialist.

It is 2020, and the boys, there’s no shame in that.

You have a stomach ache, you’re going to see a specialist of the stomach. You’ve hurt your back, you’re going to see a specialist back. Well if you hurt to the soul, you’re going to see a shrink.

What is it gives?

It allows you to ventilate, to make the point, say whatever you feel without being judged.

At QUB, the day before yesterday, I said something that I had never said – modesty, pride.

There are a couple of years, I experienced a big heartbreak.

I was not violent or angry against my ex, no, it’s just sad. I couldn’t go up the coast, to put me back on foot.

I took the Yellow Pages, I searched under the word-PSYCH (as you are looking for a plumber or an electrician), and then I chose one at random.

The first one I went to see was awful, a real caricature. If the creator of Tintin had drawn a psy, it would have been him.

Sunflower, but with white hair.

Just if he had not a bust of Freud on his desk. Three minutes, and I knew that I had made the wrong choice.


The second was the right one.

Super cool, funny, nice. It immediately clicked.

I went to see him a couple of times, and it made me a lot of good.

It has helped me to get through a zone of turbulence. Today, everything is going well, I’m in love with a wonderful woman and I am a father of three beautiful children, that I love above all.

Speaking of kids…

Children do not belong to us. These are not objects or pets.

Ditto for our blondes.

You hoods because your blonde has left you? It is hard, yes, but this is not the end of the world.

The wound will be closed. The life will continue.

Your wife is not an extension of yourself. In life, we fall in love, then we fall in love.

It is like that.

You can’t force someone to love us.

Passes through. Make a man of you.

Shows your children that you are strong. You’re good.

That they are on you be filled with love, admiration.

Not dread.

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