Yoann Riou (Dancing with the Stars 10) : -22 pounds, check out her weight loss impressive

Yoann Riou (Danse avec les Stars 10) : -22 kilos, découvrez sa perte de poids impressionnante

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Yoann Riou (Dancing with the Stars) : -22 pounds, check out her weight loss impressive

The transformation is impressive : in only 4 months, Yoann Riou has lost no less than 22 kilos ! The secret of the sports journalist, according to his former dance partner Emmanuelle Berne : his participation in Dancing with the Stars 10, of the sport, a healthy diet and, above all, a lot of motivation !

If some ensure that there is no better plan than to participate in Koh Lanta, several celebrities have proven that Dancing with the Stars is just as effective for losing weight. If Hapsatou Sy had lost 5 kilos, David Ginola 8 pounds, Damien Sargue 5 kilos, Clara Morgane – eliminated on October 26 confided recently to have lost 8 kilos during the competition. Loss of significant weight, but not as impressive as that of Yoann Riou ! Eliminated after 5 weeks of competition, the sports commentator has lost 22 pounds in just 4 months ! He has gone from 105kg to 84 kg.

Yoann Riou has lost 22 kilograms in 4 months only

Emmanuelle Berne, the dancer with whom he walked on the floor of the issuance of TF1, has shared a photo montage of before/after… and the transformation is impressive ! “I congratulate my dance partner who has not given up anything for 4 months! Sports and food have changed the life of my @yoannriou ! So proud to have been able to contribute to this metamorphosis. But without your determination, nothing would have been possible !…” She reveals her secret : “A more balanced diet and sport on a daily basis are the proof that everything we need to change is the will. Be one of the elements of this change was one of my greatest achievements and I am very proud of”.

The secret ? Dancing with the stars, sport, power and motivation

Especially as this change has positive effects on the health of the sports journalist : “This is only the beginning of a new life. As you say yourself, you were subject to disease, bronchitis, and since thou hast changed thy way of life, not a single disease ! A healthy mind in a healthy body! What could be better ? Bravo to you. What an inspiration. There is no miracle diet but it is the whole and the consistency that count : a good hydration for the drainage, a balanced diet and regular exercise ! Do not let go of anything !”. As he confided to Tv Star, he “begins to see some small abs” and should go buy new clothes !

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