You: a season 5 and spin-off on Love to come? The author of the books confirms that she wants to continue

You season 3 trailer on video. While season 4 of the Netflix series is confirmed, a season 5 could also be planned. After the explosive finale between Joe (Penn Badley) and Love (Victoria Pedretti) in Season 3, fans are waiting for the announced You season 4. And if the Netflix series has been renewed for a next season, it could also be for a season 5. The author of the You books has indeed confirmed working on a 4th novel in the saga and wants to write a 5th book. And she's also thinking of doing a spin-off on Love.

You could have a season 5

On Netflix, you could watch season 3 of You (PRBK gave you a recap of the end with spoilers). And even before the broadcast of You season 3, the streaming platform had announced a season 4. And fans are even hoping for a season 5 for the series! And season 5 of You could see the light of day as they expect.

Indeed, with the announcement of the renewal of You for a season 4, Netflix did not specify that it would be the last season. Which is good news for a lot of subscribers! Many have commented on the networks that generally, Netflix indicates when the season of a series is the last (as with La Casa de Papel for example).

Another clue talked about by Internet users who think there will be a season 5 for You : the author Caroline Kepnes has written a new book , on which could be based the possible season 5. As a reminder, season 1 is based on the 1st novel You ( Perfect in French), season 2 is inspired by from the 2nd book Hidden Bodies ( The hidden bodies in French) and season 3 is a new story, it is not based on the 3rd part You Love Me . So, season 4 could be based on the 3rd book, and the possible season 5 could be inspired by the 4th novel which is being written.

A About this fourth book, Caroline Kepnes told Hollywood Reporter: “It's very difficult. I wrote a first draft this year, with a lot of pandemic. Now I'm getting back to it, because I'm going to situate it a bit later I'm pretty sure. a new place and a dream that he did not allow himself to have, he will be able to live it “.

The author of the books wants to write a 5th novel You and also hopes for a spin-off on Love

And Caroline Kepnes also revealed to the same media that she wants to write a new book in the You saga, which would make a 5th novel. And suddenly, it is possible that You could have a season 6 if Netflix subscribers are still there! About her desire to write other books on this You saga, the novelist clarified: “I follow my instinct, because when I was writing You halfway, I I was like, 'Oh my God, I want to do another one and yet another', I had this fever. Now I'm writing the next one and the ending makes me want to continue. that feeling, as long as it feels alive to me, as long as the editors want to publish it and the readers want more. For me, it has a lot to go through, unfortunately, and fortunately “.

The author also admitted that she is considering a spin-off on Love. Because if the character died in season 3 of the series You , he is still alive in the books (for now). And Caroline Kepnes would already have some ideas to develop a book centered on Love. It remains to be seen whether a series can also be adapted later.

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