“You can’t write seven and immediately become a happy person”: interview with numerologist Aisulu Akhimova

The numerologist said, what is the destiny number and what the signs may send us the fate in the form of numbers

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"Нельзя написать семерку и сразу стать счастливым человеком": интервью с нумерологом Айсулу Ахимовой

Aisulu Akhimova

Have you ever thought of the role in our lives play the numbers? What everyone has lucky and unlucky numbers and they can count? About this and many other things can tell you a numerology.

And “Today” spoke with renowned numerologist Aisulu Akhimova, which said that a “number of destiny”, as we need to fill the numbers in your life and why many people constantly found a strange combination on the clock is 22:22.

– How the date and time of birth affect the destiny of man? Can change date of birth in the passport to change lives?

Thank you, interesting question. This is one of the fundamental generally in numerology, and probably astrologers. Although I know good astrology, I position myself as a numerologist. And I want to say that the date is important. And there are two things we can’t change and fully affect our lives. This is the date of our arrival in this life and the date of our withdrawal. Everything else we can change. We can change our names, patronymics, and last names. But the date of birth – they are foundational. The idea is that should remain unchanged. Often turn to me and tell what a person is born on a certain date in the passport office has recorded a completely different number. And in the third instance recorded the third number. What number is mine? I say that the same biological on the date of birth.

"Нельзя написать семерку и сразу стать счастливым человеком": интервью с нумерологом Айсулу Ахимовой

Aisulu Akhimova

I’m still wary and carefully relate to the change of date of birth. You need to have some objective reason. In my practice there were cases when we deliberately changed the date of birth of the child. He was actually born in difficult for him to date, and to his environment. Then you slightly adjust, move for the day. But don’t just take and write that the child was born in the winter, and he was actually born in July. This is unacceptable.

Also in my practice there was a case when we changed baby – girl – name. At the sounding of the name, it was possible to distort, and it evoked ridicule by her peers. We therefore slightly changed. But if a girl wants to change the name radical, so to speak, “Olga” on “Angelina” – here, of course, you need to calculate. Such things are not welcome in a period minus, in dangerous periods. It should be done only in favorable periods, then it can change your life with a plus sign.

– As numbers that surround us, affect the life? Can floor number, telephone number, apartment number, street affect the life?

– If you have a Pythagoras is lacking any definite numbers, it is necessary to understand that numbers have a certain vibration. All we are saying is words and letters, is a set of certain sounds. In fact, if I just exaggerated to say, “Yes, you can do without the letters somewhere.” But without numeric combinations cannot. Our world would have developed, if we are not able somehow to summarize. When we go to the store, buy something, when we talk about things, etc. We use the numerical values. All the same priority are numbers, numbers and their values. In the Pythagoras each of us has some numbers missing, some a lot. But if you have really is the lack of some numbers, it is desirable to somehow fill. First of all, they need work. You can’t write yourself somewhere in the seven and suddenly become happy.

"Нельзя написать семерку и сразу стать счастливым человеком": интервью с нумерологом Айсулу Ахимовой

Aisulu Akhimova

So I, as a psychologist (I am a psychologist by second form) I urge all to work on those qualities that have certain numbers. But, of course, they can still be involved. Without a cure, without fanaticism, of course. But pay attention. And if you have a Pythagoras is not enough, say, eights or units, and you have a lot of them in the phone number, for example, then there is no sense further to attract them. Although, if you don’t have any numbers in your square of Pythagoras, and then she comes to you in the license plate – why not? Do not give up. After all, the signs of destiny will say. So to artificially bring the numbers can be.

Which means, if you are constantly on the clock I see 22:22? Or some other time?

– I pay attention to these things. I sometimes arrange a survey among its subscribers in social networks: how often do they meet such a combination. And it turns out that I have the vast majority of people who notice such things. You should pay attention to such things, especially if you have a Pythagoras lacks some numbers.

"Нельзя написать семерку и сразу стать счастливым человеком": интервью с нумерологом Айсулу Ахимовой

Aisulu Akhimova

In addition, such things often, as if to tell us: “pay attention to what is happening with you in these moments.” Perhaps you were doing something serious, and the signs suggest that you need to focus on. It’s good, then, to pay attention to them.

– Numerology and compatibility in relationships. Whether it is possible to count? And what if in numerology people do not fit together? They love each other, all the stars aligned, but in numerology there.

– If you meet the stars, then numerology is a strong separation should not be. Numerology and astrology is quite related to each other. They are not as polar as, for example, esoteric divination. But in the same plane are still valid to be confused with numerology and astrology. And if in astrology people together and they are good in one element, as a rule, in numerology there is no contradiction. But in numerology also takes into account the presence or lack of certain figures. If two people energetically depleted-that is, they have a lack of energy flows, it is difficult for them to be together. They have to get energy through a hobby, sports, etc. Because if two people with a weak energy flow, they will be bored with each other. A strong personality will be everyone for himself to pull the blanket. Therefore, when there is a strong pair, because there are many star pairs, in these pairs someone needs to give to another.

It happens that there is incompatibility and fragmentation, when people do not have enough patience, then they outbreaks occur quickly, people light up like a match.

"Нельзя написать семерку и сразу стать счастливым человеком": интервью с нумерологом Айсулу Ахимовой

Aisulu Akhimova

– What is the relationship between psychology and numerology? However, the numerologist must be a psychologist?

– So you are well prepared for the interview! (Laughs.) May I Express my admiration and gratitude! And this is an important question. Often young girls look on my page in the social network, I see that I travel a lot and say that I want to become a numerologist and counseling people. And then ask: “Aisulu, why do you have a place for 2-2,5 months for a consultation and the cost is not the budget, and I don’t?”. Then I start wondering what, besides the fact that she read several books, watched lectures, what else it does? Here is not only psychological education, but experience is needed – it is extremely important. There are certain things: as a rule, as taboo as a kind of value system that simply stands from psychologists in the discharge of the most important. This “do no harm” and “privacy”. Sometimes many do not comply. Many say that their advice was this or that. And it is wrong. If you want to continue counseling, to work in this field, you do not boast or advertise.

The second point, why the required skills of a psychologist, even if no psychological education. It is important, as you will carry the information to the person. For example, in the calculations came out very dangerous period. Sometimes in the calculation of the period of rock when a person may be a heavy blow. This impact can border and fall in career, and financial collapse, with litigation, sickness, and emergency situations. For example, I was counting the period of the actor of “fast & Furious” who died in a car accident (we are talking about the actor Paul Walker – Ed.) it was a fateful period. He was right zero. But zero is a dangerous period that we have to live careful. During this period you have to advise customers to be careful.

If you have no psychological education, you can greatly scare the client, and he zaprogrammirovat bad. Very carefully, but not frightening, the person to warn. Therefore, only learning to calculate is not enough. It’s only for yourself. I have a forecast figure of the day. And there is just a certain vibration out some number. If a person knows that his lucky number, for example five, he will plan some kind of business on the fifth day, and that a multiple of five.

– What is destiny number?

– It as not known. The number of fate and luck number and lucky number. It is certainly necessary to know in what periods your good fortune holds.

"Нельзя написать семерку и сразу стать счастливым человеком": интервью с нумерологом Айсулу Ахимовой

Aisulu Akhimova

– What do you think about numerology online, when do you expect all these dates and numbers computer, not a real person?

– You have really interesting questions for someone who really wants to learn a lot. (Smiles.) In order to know what numbers you have, and what is not – it’s great. Then you need to go to authorized numerological sites where there is a numerological calendar. When there is a transcript from the computer, there is a certain stamp. And when numerologist directly in contact, then you can calculate between the numbers. I do not welcome such things. If things were simple, and thorough, in-depth and accurate information, that in fact we do not need to be numerology.

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