“You don’t know the half”: the husband of Ani Lorak interrupted the silence

"Вы не знаете даже половины": муж Ани Лорак прервал молчание

Spotted in the club with another woman, the husband of Ani Lorak Murat Nalchajian broke the silence. In his Stories Instagram he decided to make a statement, says “StarHit”

“Don’t evaluate my actions, thoughts and feelings from his point of view. You don’t even know half of what’s going on inside me,”wrote Murat.

"Вы не знаете даже половины": муж Ани Лорак прервал молчание

To his post, the man has made the looking at the ocean man. Apparently, this was supposed to give his words a deeper meaning. The result was not clear: many fans of the singer waited for her 41-year-old chosen a courageous and worthy of explanation, and not “maudlin” posts on the social network.

Recall that Murat last of all participants of the scandal reacted to the incident. , which is suspected of having an affair with Nalchajian. Tired of the accusations and ridicule, the model is briefly closed his account in Instagram. And after a while returned and told the haters that for every bad comment will be block because its “already got”.

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Worthy of all in this story behaves Ani Lorak. The singer is not scattered words on the social network, she simply removed engagement ring and posted a meaningful Instagram with the emphasis on hands.

As previously reported “FACTS” of the scandal in the perfect family, Ani Lorak broke out after the singer’s husband photographed in one of Kiev karaoke clubs with another woman. In the video, posted online, spouse of the singer boldly hugged his companion, something hot whispering in her ear and touching of intimate areas.

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