“You have 3 seconds to let me go”: how Arber Xhekaj terrorized one of the Staal brothers

“You've Got 3 Seconds To Drop Me: How Arber Xhekaj Terrorized one of the Staal brothers


Arber Xhekaj's reputation as a big badass continues to spread across the NHL.  

During the podcast Spittin' Chiclets, former defender Ryan Whitney told a tasty anecdote about the back of the CH nicknamed Wifi. 

“I was playing golf with Marc Staal and we were talking about how much in the league now there is a lack of toughness and he said, 'there's this guy, Wifi, he m 'brought him into the corner, he was holding me, I was holding him and he said, 'you have 3 seconds to let go of me,'” Whitney recounted. 

“OK! Jesus Christ!” Whitney continued, recounting his trade with the current Florida Panthers defenseman. 

Marc Staal

In the February 7 episode of Spittin' Chiclets, the guest, the captain of the CH, Nick Suzuki, added on Xhekaj, “a big surprise for the whole NHL”, according to him. 

The center of the Canadian also explained how Wifi had “sneaky” attacking skills. 

“He was smaller when he was younger so he played a more skilful game. Suddenly he's gotten huge, so he still has his abilities as a smaller player,” continued Suzuki, who explained how Xhekaj is a pearl off the ice, but “turns into a different person.” when he puts on his skates.