You have nothing to lose with Christian Dubé Health

On n’a rien à perdre avec Christian Dubé à la Santé

To tell the truth, it has everything to gain with the appointment of Christian Dubé to the head of the ministry of Health and social Services. In the framework of its realignment, it is a good shot of François Legault to replace the valiant and devoted minister Danielle McCann by the president of the treasury Board.

In this time of war against the COVID-19, the prime minister believes that it takes a senior level manager to increase productivity and efficiency within this mega ministry.

And Christian Dubé has certainly the advantages. A chartered accountant by training, he has held during his long professional career in key positions of vice-president at the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, and also previously at the Cascades and Domtar.

Now remains to be seen if the manager Christian Dubé will make the ministry of Health and social Services department to meet the needs of the population and a tremendous amount of money that the government spends.


The criticisms of the network of health and social services are numerous and virulent. They focus on :

  • The confusion in the guidelines of déconfinement and distancing
  • The hecatomb in NURSING homes because of the COVID-19
  • The shortage of staff leading to overwork
  • Processing times are often unreasonable
  • The lack of flexibility of our health system
  • The long waiting lists
  • The overflow traffic at the hospital emergency
  • The planning is too centralized allocation of resources
  • The difficulty of finding a family doctor for 20 % of Quebecers
  • The median length of stay for patients on a stretcher, the same for the past 15 years
  • Autonomy remains limited nurse practitioners and pharmacists
  • The access is too limited to medical services of first line
  • The all-too-common “medical corridor” of our hospitals
  • The under-investment in medical equipment
  • The quota of artificial, in the faculties of medicine
  • The requirements are too high imposed on doctors already trained from elsewhere
  • The difficult working conditions of nurses
  • The deficiency of the computer system

And what about the controversial incentives paid to doctors specialists !

As you can see, there are a lot of “wounds to heal” in the network of health and social services.


Christian Dubé will he be able to “operate” more effectively in the giant network as its predecessors, or his colleague, social worker Danielle McCann and the four doctors who have preceded it, Gaétan Barrette, Réjean Hébert, Yves Bolduc, and Philippe Couillard ?

To paraphrase the old slogan of François Legault, who has himself occupied the position of minister of Health : we will see !

That said, Christian Dubé finds herself at the head of a huge ministry, whose organisational chart government of 154 boxes includes two ministers, Marguerite Blais minister responsible for Seniors and Family caregivers), and Lionel Carmant (deputy minister of Health and social Services) ; 12 provincial agencies ; a deputy minister (Dominique Blanc), who oversees 11 branches with assistant deputy ministers, which oversee their tower 117 directions.

It… it is only the ministry.

With its 309 786 employees and 19 662 general practitioners and specialists, the network of health and social services also includes 116 hospitals, 22 centres integrated (CISSS/CIUSSS), 7 hospital centres (CHU, IU, etc), 299 CLSC, 400 CHSLD, 1791 private residences for seniors, 1413 medical clinics, 392 groups of family medicine, 1902 pharmacies, 7812 host families, 1859 intermediate resource, 101 social economy enterprises in domestic help, 3628, community organizations, 717 ambulances.

And to pay the bill, Christian Dubé has 51 billion dollars.

A small is more efficient with it ?

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