You have to pay more than $7,600 to attend the Super Bowl

You have to pay over $7,600 to attend the Super Bowl


If you want to attend the Super Bowl game on February 12, which will pit the Philadelphia Eagles against the Kansas City Chiefs, you will surely have to loosen your purse strings.

There are still a few tickets left for the NFL Football Season Grand Finals, but those lucky enough to be able to attend will need to have deep pockets.

To 12 days before the event, the cheapest ticket is offered for the modest sum of US$5,700, or CAN$7,642.

However, those who want to treat themselves to a real luxury will have to pay US$25,000 per ticket, or more than CAN$33,500. 

For several years, tickets for this major sporting event have been getting more and more expensive every year, to the chagrin middle-class football fans.