You season 2 : a theory of the bloody and murky on Love

You saison 2 : une théorie sanglante et glauque sur Love

You season 2 : a theory bloody on Love

The season 2 of You, which is available since 26 December last year on Netflix, we did it really all out on Love, the character played by Victoria Pedretti ? Not according to some users, who have unveiled their theory of the bloody and a little glaucous on the new sweetheart of Joe. Warning, this article contains spoilers about season 2 of You in its entirety.

After the success of season 1, You has made his return on the day after Christmas on Netflix. And the 10 episodes of season 2 we were held in suspense until the last moment ! In the end, it was discovered that Love (Victoria Pedretti) was in fact not so innocent as this : it revealed to Joe (Penn Badgley) have killed Delilah (Carmela Zumbado) and got rid also of Candace (Ambys Childers). But this is not all as it also explained to have killed his former nanny who had abused his brother and Forty (James Scully) when he was a child. But has it stopped there ?

Love she killed her husband ?

If we are to believe some internet users, Love Quinn could have been another victim : her husband, James ! In the season 2 of You, one discovers that Love has been married (this is one of the major differences between the series and the book). Her husband, James, seems to have died of a disease that if you believe the series. But on the web, one theory suggests that it is in fact Love which would have killed him. If one believes this theory, she would have poisoned her ex, causing her illness and then his death. An idea sucks that some people have already confirmed on Twitter !

In an interview for Elle, Victoria Pedretti is back on his character and explained that she found the character of Joe much more sociopathic than Love. “Is this-I want to be a person who feels sympathy for a murderer ? No, but it is the case. I must feel it since it is me who plays. I’m it a certain way. I have the impression that what motivates them, this is not his thirst for blood. She tries to protect what it has, “explained the actress. The possible season 3 for You she will unveil new shares dark past of Love ? Answer soon !

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