You season 2 : fans have asked Penn Badgley of the kidnap and it’s not fun not too !

You saison 2 : des fans ont demandé à Penn Badgley de les kidnapper et ça ne l'amuse pas trop !

You season 2 : Penn Badgley in front of the fans too passionate, he tells

It is the 26th of December, that the most attractive of the killers is back on Netflix with season 2 of You. Since he embodies Joe Goldberg, Penn Badgley has had experiences a little… amazing. In a new interview, the former star of Gossip Girl is back on the attitude of the fans and also evokes the result.

Joe Goldberg fascinates as much as it does a pinball machine. During the implementation of the online season 1 of You on Netflix last year, Penn Badgley had not hesitated to crop those that are a little too fan of her character.

Meetings flippantes for Penn Badgley

While the season 2 of You arrives in a few days on Netflix, the actor is back on these fans are a little too passionate and trusted on certain encounters flippantes that have left their mark. Among them ? A woman asked the actor to kidnap her ! “People come to me with handcuffs and say to me : ‘Take me. I’ve done the hard part. Put me in the cage,’” explained Penn Badgley to Entertainment Tonight.

Something quite special for the actor who, prior to the release of season 1, was not expecting this kind of reaction from the viewers. “I didn’t want to correct people this way but it is interesting. (…) For me, this series is quite viral. It must provoke conversations, it is a social experience,” added the ex of Blake Lively.

A character who does’t bother her

Always to Entertainment Tonight, Penn Badgley says that he can easily leave Joe behind him, and that he is not haunted by the actions of his character. “I’m not as bad as you may think. I let Joe as soon as they say “cut” but I can think of other things. For example, these conversations that we a. I say: “The cow, why we want as many to see this series ?’ It is intense,” he says.

As for season 2 ? According to Penn Badgley, she took the keys to the success of the season 1. “What is different, what are these two women, Candace and Love. They represent something that was absent in the season 1” confesses the actor. Appointment on the 26th of December on Netflix only to discover it !

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