You season 2 : Joe found his new target in the trailer

The trailer for season 2 of You with Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti

It is in 10 days any battery that season 2 of You is back on Netflix. You are eager to find the most attractive of the stalkers ? Good news : the first trailer of the new episodes comes out. We find Joe in the face of his new target and haunted by Candace. Spoiler : it’s going to bleed !

Launched last year on Netflix, You has card stock in the world. In the series first aired on Lifetime in the United States and adapted from the novel “Perfect” by Caroline Kepnes, Penn Badgley embodies Joe Goldberg, a new yorker, well, creepy, which tends to stalker, the woman he loves. At the end of season 1, Joe was killing Beck and was to wear the hat to his psych. But he was also faced with the unexpected return of his ex, Candace (Ambyr Childers).

Love is revealed

As we know, this is Los Angeles that Joe will go into exile – and even change the name – to escape Candace. In this city where superficiality is the order of the it will meet its new target : Love (Victoria Pedretti). The first trailer of the season 2 of You to discover without waiting on our slide show gives us a glimpse into their loving relationship. Will there still be a derail as with Beck ?

Candace back

What is certain, is that the return of Candace is not going to fix things. In these first images, it seems that we see a few scenes of flashbacks of what happened between Joe and Candace long before the action of the series. The voice-off of the young woman also suggests that she is going to hurt her relationship with Love. The images also show the blood, a possible murder and faces-to-faces tense. In short, it promises to be hot for Joe !

The season 2 of You, consisting of 10 episodes, arrives on December on Netflix.

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