You season 2 : Penn Badgley hate to play Joe Goldberg in the series of Netflix

You saison 2 : Penn Badgley déteste jouer Joe Goldberg dans la série de Netflix

You season 2 : Penn Badgley hate to play Joe Goldberg in the series of Netflix

This is not easy every day to be an actor and this is not Penn Badgley, which we reasonably would contradict. The interpreter of Joe Goldberg in the series for You, whose season 2 will begin on December 26 on Netflix, has just confess hate to play… his character.

On the 26th of December next, Penn Badgley will be back in the shoes of Joe Goldberg on the occasion of the season 2 of You, a worrying series of Netflix. However, if fans are already looking forward to his character, the actor has confessed to Digital Spy, it is never the case. And for good reason, “there are a lot of things that I don’t like about him“. Worse, he then added : “To be honest, I love almost anything with him“.

Penn Badgley vs Joe Goldberg

A declaration shattering but also somewhat surprising. After all, Joe Goldberg has nothing of the ideal man. It is when talking about a psychopathic killer capable of a stalker of women and to lock them up at home. Above all, the actor also recalled, this role requires him to play with its limits, bringing to the screen something complicated to assume : “there are a lot of things about it with which I have to struggle, all the more so that I always have to try to “humanize” the most possible“.

However, as has sadly been seen in recent months, this humanization forced can give rise to strange situations in real life where fans… do not hesitate to defend the behavior and actions of Joe Goldberg. What despair and tired actor, regularly confronted with requests strange.

At this pace, a season 3 looks complicated.

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