You season 2 : Penn Badgley reacts to the end, “I was disappointed, but…”

You saison 2 : Penn Badgley réagit à la fin, "J'étais déçu mais..."

You season : Penn Badgley reacts to the end

Available for a few days on Netflix, season 2 of You reserved more than one surprise to the fans… but also to the actors ! In an interview given to Entertainment Weekly, Penn Badgley has not hesitated to entrust his disappointment about the twists of episode 10. But the interpreter of Joe Goldberg admits that it also includes the choice of screenwriters. Warning, this article contains spoilers, don’t go further if you have not seen season 2 of You in its entirety.

It was the Christmas gift of Netflix to its subscribers : the December 26, the platform was online the season 2 of You with Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti. Like us, you’ve probably eaten 10 episodes… but what did you think of the end ?

What an end to season 2 of You ?

A reminder for those who have already forgotten (or for those who have not wanted to watch the season 2 but are not afraid of spoiler) : in the last episode, we learned that Love was also a killer because she revealed to Joe that she has killed Delilah. But this is not all : she killed also Candace and confessed to Joe to be pregnant by him. Season 2 You ended on a cliffhanger : Joe and Love settled in an upscale neighborhood of Los Angeles, and Joe found a new target, his next-door neighbor, whose face was not revealed.

Penn Badgley reacts and critique the end

An end that was not 100% convinced the former star of Gossip Girl. Always very honest (he has, on several occasions, criticized the series and her character), Penn Badgley told Entertainment Weekly that he has not understood this purpose. “When I found out where it would go, I was disappointed because, in a way quite selfish, I wanted a resolution more positive, “explained the ex-singer of Dan Humphrey. In the end, Penn Badgley admits that he understands this choice screenplay. “I realized that it was the most logical way, which reflects more the reality, to say : ‘No, Joe does not deserve happiness,’” says the actor.

“He does not seek the great love”

Despite the pregnancy of Love, Joe seems to be ready to turn to a new target for the possible season 3, which seems to be very well part. A logical thing for Penn Badgley. “Joe is not seeking the great love. This is not a person who just needs a person to love. It is a killer ! This is a sociopath. He is violent, obsessed. It is not necessary to have and think that it just needs a person who corresponds to him. No one matches ! So this ending is perfect.” explained the actor.

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