You season 2 : soon a spin-off ? An actress is !

You saison 2 : bientôt un spin-off ? Une actrice est pour !

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You season 2 : soon a spin-off ? An actress is !

Available since 26 December on Netflix, season 2 of You have booked more of a surprise to fans ! While the season 3 would be nice part that if you believe Penn Badgley (aka Joe Goldberg, an actress of the show is entrusted to the possibility of a spin-off devoted to his character. Warning, this article contains spoilers about season 2 of You, don’t go further if you have not seen the entire 10 episodes.

The universe to You will he extend with a series derived ? Only a few days after the launch of season 2, Penn Badgley seems to have confirmed that a season 3 is already in course of preparation, although it has not yet officially been ordered by Netflix. Ambyr Childers, who plays Candace, she is campaigning already for a series that is derived is centered on his character.

“This would be interesting”

Then it was believed to be dead, Candace has made her return at the end of season 1 of You and shocked her ex, Joe (Penn Badgley). Determined to get revenge, she has made it see all the colors in the 2 season before… to die. This is Love (Victoria Pedretti), who was killed as she tried to separate it from Joe. Despite this tragic death, Ambyr Childers admits he cannot be compared to a potential series centered on his character. “If Candace had her own series, that would be interesting, for example, because Joe has done this to other people she knows or if she was helping other women,” she confided to Entertainment Tonight. However, no series of this kind is currently in preparation. “We need to talk to Netflix ! (…) This would be great !” adds the star.

Ambyr Childers reacts to the death of his character

In his interview, Ambyr Childers has also explained to have been shocked by the death of Candace. “It was a very good idea because no one saw it coming. This seems to be a person who is beautiful, innocent, and vulnerable, in fact, has a dark side. It shows that while the world has its share of shade. Candace realizes. This brings up questions for season 3, such as : agree, Love is a killer or is it-she did it out of love to protect it ?“.

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