You season 2 : the 6 biggest differences between the series and the novel

You saison 2 : les 6 plus grosses différences entre la série et le roman

You season 2 : the biggest differences between the series and the novel The Body Hidden

For season 2 available since 26 December on Netflix, the writers of ” You are, in part, based on the novel “Body Hidden” written by Caroline Kepnes and as a result of the “Perfect” (You in original). But the series ‘ glue-does it really the book published in us in France last June ? Here are the 6 biggest differences. Warning, this article contains spoilers about season 2 of You in its entirety.

Before being a series, You is actually a book. Entitled Perfect in French, the first novel written by Caroline Kepnes has been released in 2014 in France. For its first season, the series has strayed far from the book but what is the result ?

1. The plot around Candace does not exist

This was the big surprise of the end of season 1 of You : the return of Candace (Ambyr Childers). In the novel, the ex of Joe was indeed dead. Logical, therefore, that the whole plot around the pretty redhead to be absent in The Body Hidden. However, the scriptwriters have taken over a plot of the novel to explain the return of Candace in the series : this is pass for Amy Adam when she met Forty. In the book of Caroline Kepnes, the character of Amy Adam is there : after having killed Beck, Joe fell in love with Amy but the latter has manipulated and robbed him of rare books. It is from his research that Joe arrived in Los Angeles.

2. Love is different

Yes, Love (played by Victoria Pedretti) is present in the book. But you can’t say that it really looks like the Love of the series. In the novel, Love is not at all a cook, and dream of the same actress. His parents are owners of a grocery store whose name is The Pantry and not Anavrin but Love does not work. In the series, Love has been married to a certain James, who has died, but this character does not exist in the novel.

Another big difference : Love is not a murderer in the book ! It does not kill Delilah, there was no mention of a babysitter and does not kill either Candace saw that it is not present in the book. However, Love learns the truth about Joe and even goes so far as to help her to retrieve the jar of urine left in Peach (a thing which has been removed in the series). In the novel, Love also learns the true nature of Joe and accept it as it is.

3. Ellie and Will do not exist

In addition to Candace, the other two important characters of the season 2 of You do not exist in the novel : Ellie and Will. If Delilah is in the book and has an adventure with Joe, she has no little sister. In the novel, Joe does not change, moreover, not identity and does not call Will. The character played by Robin Lord Taylor does not even exist in the book and the glass does not appear in The Body Hidden.

4. Forty does not die the same way

In the book as in the series, Forty dies… but not in the same way. In the novel, Joe tries to kill Forty and think you have pulled it off before it reappears again. Forty then pretend to have forgotten that Joe has wanted to get rid of him before the blackmail and threats. He eventually died in a road accident while in the series, he is killed by Fincher when he threatens Joe, and Love him with a weapon.

5. A lot more murders to Joe

In The Body Hidden, Joe kills a lot more than in the season 2 of You. He kills Henderson in the two cases, but in the novel, the character played by Penn Badgley will also kill Delilah, but also Fincher (he even goes to Mexico to get rid of it). Another difference is that on Joe : in the book, it is not working in the grocery store of parents ‘ Love and Forty but in a bookstore.

6. The end

One of the big different between the book and the series is none other than the end. In You, Joe, and Love move in together and Joe found his new target, his neighbor. In the book, Love is also pregnant, but Joe is stopped by the police for his crimes. An arrest does not mark the end of his story, since Caroline Kepnes is currently writing two sequels. The writers will be able to-they use it for the possible season 3 to You ?

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