You season 2 : we’ve seen the episodes, what we liked (or not)

You saison 2 : on a vu les épisodes, ce qu'on a aimé (ou pas)

You season 2 : what we liked (or not)

Only a few more days of patience : the season 2 of You happens this Thursday, December 26, on Netflix. PRBK was able to see the 10 new episodes of the adventures of Joe Goldberg played by Penn Badgley. Find out what we liked or not, and that without any spoilers !

Joe Goldberg change his life… and identity ! After killing Beck (Elizabeth Garlic) and having to wear the hat to his psychologist, the more attractive the stalker will land in Los Angeles in the season 2 of You. Decided to turn the page, it will be caught up by his past… but especially by his ex, Candace (Ambyr Childers). This second season which starts on the 26 December on Netflix is made up of 10 episodes… and there are good and bad.

We liked

The first episode

It all started so well ! For his return, the season 2 of You we offer a first episode quite captivating. Like Joe, we learn to discover this new environment, the sunny city of Los Angeles. The episode is fairly well paced and takes place in the direct line of the season 1, still of course with the voice of Penn Badgley. The twist ending (we promise, we will say no more) is quite exciting.


Of all the new characters, Love is certainly the one that is not only the most interesting but also the most developed. Normal since the character is described as the “new Beck”. But Love is much more than a simple “Beck bis” ! It is far from being a mere “victim” of Joe and stands as his equal in many ways. A complex character, and exciting and very well played by Victoria Pedretti. We expect no less from the actress discovery in The Haunting of Hill House.

You saison 2 : on a vu les épisodes, ce qu'on a aimé (ou pas)

Victoria Pedretti in the role of Love in the season 2 of You

Find out what happened between Candace and Joe

Season 1 ended on a huge surprise : the return of Candace (Ambyr Childers) that Joe was dead. If you want to know what happened exactly between them, you will not be disappointed ! Through several flashbacks, we learn more about their past relationship. What better way to understand why he was so shocked to see her again.

It is mixed on

Los Angeles VS New York

One of the biggest change of this season, this is obviously the removal of Joe from New York to Los Angeles. And, frankly, still a bit dubious about it. Ok, this is like the novel the Body is Hidden (after You published this summer in France) but it seems to lose a lot of the dark side, and sometimes unhealthy of New York. The plus side of sunny California seems to be less in line with the character of Joe.

It was liked least

The twists WTF

If there’s one thing that we said before the season 2 of You, it is : WHAT THE F*CK !! As soon as the episode 2, the moments of unlikely and too-much linked together. We will say no more not to spoiler anyone, but frankly, one is sometimes almost laughable. What is unfortunate is that we had not felt it before season 1. As if the transition to Netflix had caused a flood of anything. We revert to the credibility…

The end

No, we’re not spoiler. But the end of season 2 – and there, we’re really talking about the last scene – we want to scream on our tv. It seems in any case be a sign of a season 3… that it is not safe to look at !

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