You season 3 : 5 theories on the following

You saison 3 : 5 théories sur la suite

You season 3 : 5 theories on the following

It’s official : You will be back for a season 3, still with Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti. But that is going to happen to Joe and Love ? If Netflix has not disclosed info on the sequel, fans already have some ideas ! Here are 5 theories on the rest of the series. Attention, spoilers.

The stalker the most popular of the moment has not said its last word : Netflix has renewed You for a season 3 which is expected to arrive in 2021. At the end of season 2, Joe (Penn Badgley) discovered that Love (Victoria Pedretti) was not better than him : she killed Delilah (Carmela Zumbado) and Candace (Ambyr Childers) to protect him and is pregnant by him. In the last scene, Joe and Love emménagaient together and it seemed to find a new victim : his neighbor. An open end that leaves several possibilities, and the fans are already very inspired !

1. Love is not really pregnant

And if Love was in fact not pregnant ? It is one of the theories the most popular of the web. You are reminded, it is then that Joe the threat that the young woman reveals her pregnancy. Therefore, it is not senseless to think that she could believe that she expects a child to protect. Only downside : it is hard to see how Joe might not realize it, especially that Love has a belly well-rounded in the last scene of the season 2 of You. In addition, this plot is similar to that of the novel, The body hidden by Caroline Kepnes on which is based the season 2. Another theory around the baby : it might not be Joe but Milo, the man with whom she is briefly married couple when she separates from Joe.

You saison 3 : 5 théories sur la suite

You season 3 : Love is she really pregnant ? Fans doubt

2. Joe is going to kill Love (or vice versa)

Two killers in a relationship, it is not necessarily a good household… If we are to believe some fans, this might even make sparks, which could lead to the death of Love… or Joe ! According to one theory, Love will be discovered that Joe has a new adventure and will want revenge. This is not so impossible but one can imagine that, if one of the two must die, it will be rather the young woman, after the birth of her baby anyway because Joe is not so cruel (we hope).

3. Love has killed her husband

The character of Love intrigue internet users. Since the launch of season 2 and the revelation of the final, they wonder about the nature of the heroine. Would she have lied, including the death of her husband, James ? In the series, it is understood that the latter fell ill and died. But some think that Love was killed in the poisoning. It would be quite capable !

4. Who is the neighbor ?

One of the things that the most talked-about on the web is the identity of the famous neighbor, new target for Joe. Several theories have surfaced. According to her, he would of… the mother of Joe ! It has been discovered in season 2 several flashbacks explaining the past of the character, and some think that it is clues to his return. Others think it could be related to Beck : in season 1, she explained, have a sister named Anya, and a part of the users think that it will be back for revenge. Other idea : it could be the half-sister of Joe and it will, therefore, not a story of love but also of jealousy and revenge.

You saison 3 : 5 théories sur la suite

You season 3 : who is the neighbor ?

5. Season 3 will be told from the point of view of Love

We end up with another interesting theory : some fans of You think that there might be a big change in season 3. According to this theory, this is no longer the voice of Joe that we hear but that of Love. This would allow them to focus on the jealousy she feels about the actions of her lover.

See you in 2021 to discover the season 3 of You. Yes, it is far !

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