You season 3 : soon a sequel on Netflix ? The designer responds

You saison 3 : bientôt une suite sur Netflix ? La créatrice répond

You season 3 : soon a sequel on Netflix ? The designer responds

Penn Badgley will he take his role of Joe Goldberg in a 3 season You be in 2020 ? The creator of the series Netflix has just come to confide on its future. Attention spoilers.

You took advantage of the Christmas holidays for binger season 2 You online this Thursday, December 26, on Netflix, and you wonder now if the series will return next year for a season 3 ? Well, this is Will be a Gamble, the co-creator, revealed the answer to Cosmopolitan UK. And it should both make you happy and frustrate you.

A result of madness in the head

Asked last January by the magazine on the future of the series worn by Penn Badgley, she said, “Absolutely, the series could come back for a season 3“. However, she then quickly clarified, this decision will be taken only at the last moment by the leaders of the platform, “It is up to the people at the top decide. So we hope that lots of people will watch the series so that it can continue“.

In other words, it will be necessary to motivate your friends and family to watch the season 2 in order to swell the audiences at the risk of having the right for a nasty surprise. All the more that Will be Gamble has promised, the possible result should be a completely crazy, “What I can tell you is that I have an idea for season 3 that is SO exciting that people talk about it all day in the room of writers.” Hard not to be excited, especially when we think at the end of the last episode.

By then, the creative “cross my fingers” and so are we.

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