“You stole it?”: Serduchka loudly returned, even for Danilko – surprise

"Ты украла его?": Сердючка громко вернулась, даже для Данилко - сюрприз

today, 13:01

Famous Ukrainian singer Andrei Danilko, who many know and love under the pseudonym Verka Serduchka became spargete “Evening with the Prime Minister Ekaterina Osadchaya,” which was held in the Ukrainian capital.

It is known that her name was not on the posters, as promised the audience a surprise. About it write the Ukrainian media.

Verka Serduchka was released in the end of the concert to perform his new song. Osadchaya felt that this is the first song in 10 years. But the latter his hit “Pink sweater” Serduchka was released in 2013. On stage, the star appeared in a suit who wore at Eurovision in 2007. Especially for the performance of the outfit had to be taken out of the Museum in Stockholm, where he was saved.

“You stole it from?”, — joked Osadchaya.

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“Contractually, I have the right to take it if I need to. While the national selection for “Eurovision” all figured out who I had in this costume several times to speak. I have a Western tour, by the way,” explained the singer.

Recall, Osadchaya, Dantes and wives of players, “Shakhtar” presented the collection “1936”.

As reported Znayu Ekaterina Osadchaya admired the incredible dress, every fashionista’s dream: “As always on top!”.

Znayu wrote, Katya Osadchaya intrigued baby pictures, the star of “Secular life” did not know: “Isn’t that…”.

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