You : the season 3 has already been confirmed ? The slip of Penn Badgley, which says a lot

You : la saison 3 déjà confirmée ? Le lapsus de Penn Badgley qui en dit long

You : the season 3 has already been confirmed ? The slip of Penn Badgley, which says a lot

Back since the 26 December with its season 2, You will be entitled to a season 3 on Netflix ? While the rumors are rife about a possible sequel, it’s Penn Badgley, who just sold the wick. In an interview, the interpreter of Joe Goldberg has made a major slip of the tongue, and hinted that season 3 seems to be well in the cards. And this is not so surprising.

A bit like Tom Holland, who has not really managed to keep the spoilers on the Avengers for him (to such a point that it was not the scenarios in full), Penn Badgley comes to a big revelation on the future of the series, You ? A year after the cardboard of season 1, Netflix unveiled season 2 a few days ago. If the actor is entrusted not to have first not been very convinced by the end chosen by the writers, it is not on the point of bidding farewell to Joe.

Penn Badgley made a slip of the tongue on the rest of You

When asked about the end of the season 2 of You (watch out for spoilers if you want to watch the video below in full), Penn Badgley seems to have confirmed that a season 3 is indeed in the cards. Then he outlines what should happen in “the third season” in an interview for Entertainment Tonight, the actor stops, making himself well aware that he had made a pellet. “Oh my God…” loose-t-it before trying to catch up : “I don’t know anything about the season 3“.

You : season 3 ordered ? The slip of Penn Badgley

A sequel already commissioned ?

If Netflix has not yet officially renewed You for a season 3, it would seem that this sequel is very much a part. Not only the designer has many ideas about the sequel but, according to Deadline, the studios producing the series would receive a grant of $ 7.2 million to run a season 3. In short, it feels good to read !

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