You will be better informed about the content to share

Vous serez mieux informé sur les contenus à partager

From now on, Facebook will provide a notification that will let people know when articles they are about to share have more than 90 days.

On the networks, often, old news that has created a sensation in their initial output are resumed to generate traffic, or to be used for deceptive or malicious.

New notification sharing

On your account, Facebook says that “the notification of repartage will appear when you click on Share for articles of more than 90 days. Up to you to decide if this article is still relevant, and if yes, continue to share on your page”.

Through this notification, the subscribers of the network, Facebook will be able to more easily determine the content as may be deemed expedient and reliable.

Current or not

The internal research at Facebook have demonstrated the importance of the timeliness of an article to be shared.

At another level, publishers of the press, in particular, have expressed their concern about the fact that older articles are treated on social media as news, which gives a false idea of the real state of this information, one can read on the blog of John Hegeman, vice-president at Facebook.

Later this year, Facebook will test other notifications, especially for articles and sources regarding the covid-19, as well as to direct people to centres of authoritative information on the matter.

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