Young granddaughter Sofia Rotaru emancipated to expose the dangerous photo

Юная внучка Софии Ротару раскрепостилась до обнажения, опасное фото

Sonia Evdokimenko

today, 21:45

Granddaughter of the famous actress Sofia Rotaru 18-year-old Sonia Evdokimenko – active user of Instagram, where he collected thousands of people, which is now often the best photos and videos from your life. She lives and studies in new York, where posts and pictures, so this time the beauty has shown spicy frame, and in the legend has announced a new single.

On the new photo pretty woman posing in a candid way, in her dark pants and something resembling a coat of mail made of thin chains, over which she put on her black jacket. In this case, the girl no bra, which makes this photo even more Frank. Her hair loose and beautifully laid for a bright make-up, she languidly looks at the camera and all illuminated by neon light blue hue. In the caption to frame Sonia wrote: “coming Soon the new single”. Followers the girls have not passed and began to cover her with compliments, admiring this bold photo.

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We will remind, granddaughter Rotaru was struck by the beauty of the network, and received a blessing from Lagerfeld.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that the young niece of Sofia Rotaru deprived users of sleep racy photos.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that granddaughter Rotaru visited winter Wonderland and conquered all the pretty little face.

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