Young mother dies a week after getting married in hospital

A young mother from a week later being married in hospital

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The Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal had turned into a wedding hall on Christmas day so that a couple could exchange their vows, but unfortunately the joy was short-lived as the bride passed away a week later.

Hospitalized for seven months, Kelly Bedard was 24 years old and suffered from a rare type of ovarian cancer.

“She only has 5-10% chance of survival. She is sick, very sick and she almost always sleeps, ”her husband Dave Lachance explained on the wedding day.

Her partner was by her side during her last moments on January 1. He said he was still in shock.

“Right now I'm enjoying being with my family, my kids, but when the night comes you cry,” he said. he confided.

What cheered him up, he said, was being able to formalize their relationship on Christmas Day.

On June 22, Kelly gave birth prematurely to a baby girl the couple named Rose. The childbirth was induced for three months because of the mother's illness. Little Rose is the couple's seventh child and the only daughter, according to a Global News article.

Mr. Lachance explained that his wife “couldn't have the last chemotherapy treatment because it was too late. The cancer had taken over and nothing more could be done.

“I told her when I left that she was a lioness, a fierce lioness. She fought until the last minute. We all knew it. She fought so hard for that chance, to see her children. ”

“ He was with her day and night in the hospital. When he couldn't stay with her in her room, he slept in her car, ”said Liat Lev Ary, the lawyer who officiated at the last-minute wedding in the hospital.

“He has seven young children left … so it's not going to be easy for him,” she lamented.

“He doesn't work because he had a work accident She explained, adding that the family would need support.

A fundraiser has been launched to financially help Mr. Lachance and his children move forward.


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