“Young people are not invincible”, warns the WHO

«Les jeunes ne sont pas invincibles», met en garde l'OMS

Young people “are not invincible” in the face of the COVID-19, and they are, in some countries, too many “guard down”, resulting in an increase in the transmission of the virus warned Thursday the director general of the world health Organization (WHO).

“We have said and we say again: the young may be contaminated, the young may die, and young people can transmit the virus”, has hammered the Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, during a press conference.

“It seems that the rebounds of the case, in some countries, are in part due to young people who let their guard down during the summer in the northern hemisphere”, he stressed, urging them to “take the same precautions than others to protect them from the virus and to protect others.”

“Young people should be at the forefront of change” in the new social attitudes induced by the pandemic – distancing, physical, hand-washing, mask-wearing when the distance is impossible…” , said Dr. Tedros.

Night clubs, in particular, are “amplifiers of the transmission of the virus,” added a manager of the WHO, Maria Van Kerkhove.

In addition, even if the coronavirus in its severe forms affects mainly the elderly or people already suffering from other diseases, the disease, even in its moderate forms, “can affect many organs. We do not know what the long-term impact”, warned the head of the emergency health of the WHO, dr. Michael Ryan.

The COVID-19 “results in an inflammation of the lungs, but it has also been found that this inflammatory process may extend to the cardiovascular system, the blood, the heart, other organs…”, he said.

“Do not take ill-considered risks. The risks at the present time can’t be quantified, clearly,” he insisted.

Outbreaks of cases of coronavirus have been observed in european countries where youth holiday go to bars or throwing parties on the beaches.

In Canada, less than 39 years constituted a clear majority of new cases of COVID-19, warned last weekend that health authorities in the country.

The pandemic has led to nearly 670 000 deaths in the world and more than 17 million cases have been diagnosed since the end of December.

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