Young Sheldon : Iain Armitage was not aware of The Big Bang Theory before you play in the spin-off

Young Sheldon : Iain Armitage ne connaissait pas The Big Bang Theory avant de jouer dans le spin-off

Young Sheldon : Iain Armitage was not aware of The Big Bang Theory before you play in the spin-off

Since a few weeks, you can discover each Saturday on NRJ12 the episodes in France of season 1 of Young Sheldon, the spin-off of The Big Bang Theory. It is the young Iain Armitage, who plays the role of the future roommate of Leonard in the comedy. But he admits, he had never heard of TBBT before playing in the series derived !

In a few weeks, The Big Bang Theory will end after 12 seasons. The last episode was filmed this week and the excitement was of course at the rendezvous on the side of the actors. But the universe of the series is going to continue to live despite the end of the show : the spin-off Young Sheldon, centered on the childhood of Sheldon Cooper, will return to the back for a season 3 on the american channel CBS. And Iain Armitage will of course be back !

Iain Armitage was not aware of The Big Bang Theory

Has only 10 years (he had 9 in season 1), Iain Armitage is already a star of the series ! Before playing in Young Sheldon, the young actor was already noted in Big Little Lies , where he played the role of Ziggy, the son of Jane (Shailene Woodley), and in which he will be back for season 2. But the young actor confesses that he has never been a big fan of the series and has even confided to Tv Z that he did not know The Big Bang Theory before auditioning for Young Sheldon. Not really surprising given his young age ! Recalling her audition for the series, Iain Armitage said he was at a meeting with a producer saw posters for the show worn by Jim Parsons. “It’s not for me to say practically nothing because I do look for and say never watch tv !” a-t-he explained.

How he impressed the casting director

Despite his young age, Iain Armitage has immediately impressed the casting director as well as Steve Moralo, co-creator of the series with Chuck Lorre. For his audition, he sent a DVD of him doing a monologue, accompanied by imitations and filmed in the living room of his grand-mother. “This is the first child that made us all laugh,” remembered Steve Moralo in an interview given to Esquire. The hearing in the person proved to be equally compelling and that is the way that the young boy has got the role of Sheldon Cooper child version.


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