“Young tsibulko”: a friend of the Bachelor showed how things have changed in 20 years

"Молоденькая цибулька": подруга Холостяка показала, как изменилась за 20 лет

Olga Cybulski

Ukrainian singer and presenter Olga Cybulski was for the road show business for a long time. But not everyone knows how to begin the bumpy ride of a celebrity. This singer has shared on his page in social network Instagram, where she posted a photo from 20 years ago.

“1999. One of my first vocal competitions. I’m on the stage of a local school, singing for four members of the jury, a radyvylivs’kyi X-factor. In the hall there are five of us, and I imagine that giving a solo concert at the Sports Palace. Internet we did not exist. Therefore, in order to learn a song on the speaker with a classmate-keyboardist read the program guide in the newspaper, looking for a gig and picked up the chords just from the screen. If you do not have time – waited a week until the next broadcast. Do you think what song I am singing? Your options? Hint: this song is from the Ukrainian hit parade 90s – Teritorija” wrote Olga.

"Молоденькая цибулька": подруга Холостяка показала, как изменилась за 20 лет

Olga Cybulski

Ukrainians in the comments to share their opinion on this revelation of the performer:
“Beautiful as always, even then”, “Golden Baby … cheeks. We immediately see that near my mother was. Well ate.”, “Oh, how time flies, but it only excites and invigorates,” “I would have never learned,” “And then have won?”, “Young tsibulko”

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