Youngest billionaire: Kylie Jenner graced the cover of Forbes

Самая юная миллиардерша: Кайли Дженнер украсила обложку Forbes

Mladshaya sister Whom Kardashian appeared on the pages of the prestigious American publication

When in 2016 Kardashian Who unexpectedly appeared on the cover of Forbes, for many, it was really a shock. Now, when Forbes got her Mladshaya sister, Kylie Jenner, you won’t have to wonder and finally to accept the fact that the family Kardashian-Jenner successfully conquers the world – on the cover.

The star was on the cover of Forbes not just. With its Kylie brand Cosmetics, the youngest representative of the clan Kardashian-Jenner on the size of the state ahead of older sisters in their 20s is on the way to becoming the youngest billionaire in history.

Самая юная миллиардерша: Кайли Дженнер украсила обложку Forbes


Now as Kylie is 900 million dollars, so to the coveted billion Hey.

It is worth noting that a new edition of the American Forbes on modern self-made women: women who in different spheres and in different conditions did themselves, without the help of men and third-party capital. In total, this volume contains 60 successful entrepreneurs, and headed the list Kylie.

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