“You’re hurting me….”: Prytula said the infamous words Milk about Ukraine

"Мне больно....": Притула ответил на позорные слова Молочного об Украине

Sergey Pritula and Andrew Milk, footage of “Faina Ukraina”

today, 10:43

Ukrainian comedian and broadcaster, previously the candidate in deputies of the Verkhovna Rada from the party “the Voice” Sergey Pritula has responded to the scandal with a former participant of the show “Faina Ukraina” Andrey Dairy.

At the time, Pritula and Milk known to participate in a Comedy show “Faina Ukraina”, where she played a couple of Anton and Marichka. After the scandalous statement of Andrew Dairy, which he posted on his page in Instagram touching upon the theme of the Second world war and fascism, in his address showered not too flattering remarks from the Ukrainians.

“Since five years ago, I wrote about it, posting such posts. Since five years ago, I even could not think that in Kiev the crowds will go the Nazis. I even could not imagine that they would defile the monuments to the heroes of the great Patriotic War. That will demolish the monuments to Zhukov and Vatutin. On Victory Day, may 9, the youth will offend veterans, and police officers are not only not stop such actions, and themselves contribute to it, to make veterans and even children to remove the caps with red stars… But there is hope, there is hope that, as seventy-six years ago Kyiv is cleared from the fascist scum, from the villains who want to we have betrayed the memory of our great ancestors, betrayed the Motherland, betrayed themselves and betrayed their children. Anything you bastards will not work. Now for the memory I teeth to keep going,” wrote Andrew Dairy Milk

In turn, Sergey Pritula responded by posting on his page in Facebook a poem dedicated to former colleague Andrew Milky:

“Anton from” Borispol ” airport told me to tell you what to Marichka they no longer live together. And about this verse: from me When you left, I wept bitterly. Both elbows iscusa, propyl larechki grill. On your post on instagram I came across… Cried again, and broke the crutch!” Sergey Pritula

"Мне больно....": Притула ответил на позорные слова Молочного об Украине

Andrew Milk, Instagram

Thus, remembering characters from the show “Faina Ukraina”, the showman gave to understand that this situation for him is quite painful. In the comments, Serhiy Prytula asked readers to refrain from negative comments and insults.

“Gentlemen are requested not to arrange a festival of insults in the comments. You were interested in my reaction and you asked me to respond to infopovod. I responded. Insults on the pages. I don’t. To me it is quite painful. The very fact that this infopovod. Thank you for understanding,” wrote Pritula. Sergey Pritula

Anton z Zhashkiv requesting peredati scho s Marchu stink vzhe not meshkayut long time. I s tsogo drive VRS:
If od mene…

Geplaatst door Sergiy Pritula – oftin storno op Donderdag 7 november 2019

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