YouTube too has been copied on the tv ? The Player of the Attic-book an observation of a pessimist

YouTube too has been copied on the tv ? The Player of the Attic-book an observation of a pessimist

The beautiful hours of YouTube are they already behind the platform ? This seems to be the thinking of Frédéric Molas, aka The Player of the Attic. In a new video posted on his channel, the artist reveals his pessimism and regret vis-à-vis the evolution of the content of some of his colleagues.

The success of the collaborations on YouTube

Regularly, new trends appear on YouTube. First, we had the right to podcasts, then videos, tastings or even those of the unboxing. Today, it is a new format that makes the happiness of millions of viewers each day, one of the collaborations.

In recent years, it has had the right to the emergence of some of the videographers and the rise in power of the other, with the members of the Red Box (Amixem, Joyca, VodK, Mastu, Neoxi), the small team of Peter Croce composed of Benjamin Verrecchia and Swann Périssé, or even the inevitable duo McFly & Carlito.

A success which is not surprising as this format allows these creators to give life to concepts all the more crazy and ambitious one than the other. Recently, Amixem has made a live version of Fortnite, McFly & Carlito have privatized the Asterix Park and Benjamin Verrecchia did not hesitate to send Peter Croce in travel in the United Kingdom. And more than the simple idea and the good atmosphere that emerges from these videos, especially the human resources (scenery, construction, costumes…) that are impressive and bring a real sense of professionalism.

A concept undermined by Frédéric Molas

However, if this kind of videos help today to put an end to the cliché of the YouTubeur in her room and shows to the public that YouTube is a real job, it is also something that bothers Frédéric Molas of the string The Player of the Attic. In a video soberly entitled “YouTube, I bored”, the friend of Sebastian Rassiat admit to feel in total sync with this format.

I find it hard to understand what works, why it works. (…) It is past on YouTube, where everyone does everything, and this is what I reproach. Everything has become bland, there’s no more identity. YouTube has become cynical and each other have added a touch of ‘lol’ over it and make you swallow it.”

A criticism unjustified ? Not that much to it. It reminds us, the emergence of this new format has put in place the recipe for double F (“Of the feat and fun“) with codes that are impersonal taken to excess, such as fixtures on unnecessarily-dynamic (zoom, cuts, effects shots…) and this good mood over-played. And through this tendency to ride the trend, Frédéric Molas regrets that the each other will gradually lose the very principle of the platform : to share his passion.

Of each other less than frank with the public ?

According to the videographer, the passions of his colleagues are gradually forgotten, because of the obsession single to do this that works with videos calculated to make views. A mode of thought which it may justify (they must earn money to live), but does not include : “It’s a lack of respect for the person who is watching and who is not considered as a number, as a view to add. Rather than offer something and say, ‘I’m going to offer it, and I hope it will please the people’, rather it is ‘I’m going to offer exactly what people want to come’“.

A misunderstanding that it is explained by the fact that this content, although sympathetic and entertaining, it does absolutely not what the public imagines them to find. If he understands the desires of spectators,”We are in a phase of YouTube, where people are looking for the real. It is for this reason that the formats delusions between friends it works, because people want to see the real, want to see real spontaneous. They do not want to see the preparation, the writing“, he can not help pointing the finger at the sad irony that lies behind : “The people want to see the real-or at least the illusion of the real. Because a thing that is over-mounted, on-cuté all seconds, leaving only the moments where people laugh and are on the ground laughing, this is obviously absolutely wrong, this is the mount that makes you believe that this is the best afternnon of their lives.

YouTube = the television ?

Result, in the face of a YouTube where everything is now “too perfect, too much thought, too thoughtful, too calculated, to attract the people and make of views“, the JDG can only show themselves disappointed by the direction taken by the platform which is gradually becoming… his old enemy. Despite his admiration for these teams, production teams and their work that the dream, he can’t get out of your head that everyone will now advance… backwards : “The shows on YouTube for the very large chains are produced in exactly the same way as the tv. The format is like a tv show. For me, there is no more difference between YouTube and television“.

A finding hard ? Pessimistic ? Yes, but obviously necessary. In addition to the comments under his video that abound in his sense, many videographers have not hesitated to approve of his comments, that this is The King of the Rats, who confesses sadly “Clearly I share your opinion, I watch more of any video“, Terracid who admits to being relieved to have a community fair, preventing it from “find/pump out a concept, in the hope that it works, see cased” or even Jiraya who took advantage of a live to criticize these contents sterilised.

Of how to start a small revolution… or a new trend ? Go to YouTube to find out.

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