You’ve had it? The representative Meghan Markle spoke about the condition of the Duchess

Many suspect that the Duchess of Sussex secretly for the first time became a mother

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Уже родила? Представитель Меган Маркл рассказал о состоянии герцогини

Meghan Markle

Almost all over the world fans of the Royal couple await the birth of the firstborn, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Not so long ago it became known that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided not to advertise information that is associated with the birth of their baby. So, the couple decided not to pose for the paparazzi on the day of birth and to reveal any other details, and wait for some time after birth.

Due to the fact that the rumors around the Royal family rife, without any additional information fans of Megan and Harry thought that the Markle secretly gave birth. These rumors were quick to debunk the former Royal press Secretary Dickie Arbiter. Live Australian Today show Extra, he denied that Megan has become a mother.

Уже родила? Представитель Меган Маркл рассказал о состоянии герцогини

Pregnant Megan Markle and Prince Harry

“If you believe that, you believe anything. We learn over time, when the baby is born. Harry and Megan made it clear that everything connected with the birth of a child is a private school. No prior notification will not, and they will tell any details, but for now they’ll be in the baby in silence. This is indeed the case when the “Royal mill” continues to work – a good story sells newspaper, but frankly, that doesn’t make any sense,” the man explained.

Earlier in the press appeared information about the fact that a friend of Megan’s has declassified the sex of a baby.

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