YUKO and KHAYAT presented the joint song. Video ” the Chronicle of world events

YUKO и KHAYAT презентовали совместную песню. Видео » Хроника мировых событий

In a relatively short time, artists were able to capture spectacular video, which has already hit the net.

The band YUKO and actor KHAYAT decided to join forces to create original songs. The idea of shared track originated from the singers after participating in the National selection of Eurovision-2019.

A little over a month ago Ukraine was held the final of national selection for Eurovision-2019. Talented vocalists competed for the opportunity to represent the country at the song contest. And participation in the competition was not only a great opportunity for artists to show their creativity, but also combined them into stylish tandem.

We are talking about the party “voice of the country-9” Andrew Hyatt, who performs under the pseudonym KHAYAT. Promising artist has recorded a collaborative song with their colleagues from the group of YUKO. The rousing track Vesnianka singers combined with folk tunes and electronic music.

The shooting of the movie took place in the capital Courage of the Bazaar. In addition to the creative tandem, in the video Vesnianka came, and other Ukrainian celebrities, in particular, The Maneken, Alina Pash, Anatoliy Anatolich, LAUD, Roman Bakharev (BAHROMA), INGRET.


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