“Yuri won’t see”: Shatunova of “Tender may” was buried, there was a photo of the cemetery

"Юру больше не увидим": Шатунова из "Ласкового мая" похоронили, появились фото с кладбища

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today, 23:01

In social networks appeared a photo of the world famous singer Yuri Shatunova, where he is in the cemetery. Published a picture of a former friend celebrity Andrei Razin.

Recall that the story begins in the distant 1986, when a young Razin formed a musical group “Tender may”, which included young students of the orphanage. Among them were rods. Later, after the world’s recognition, the singer left the band and went to live in Germany. There he married and raised two children.

"Юру больше не увидим": Шатунова из "Ласкового мая" похоронили, появились фото с кладбища

Andrei Razin, photos korrespondent.net

A few years ago, the musician returned to show business. However, go back to the group “Tender may” he did not, and began a solo career. And consequently, began to sing the legendary hits: “White rose”, “Gray night”, “Childhood” and others. In this regard, between and Shatunova Razin had a conflict, because the latter has no right to perform these songs. Recently, Razin again and wrote the relevant post where you mentioned this fight.

"Юру больше не увидим": Шатунова из "Ласкового мая" похоронили, появились фото с кладбища

Young rods, photos – Andrey Razin

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“If this policy continues, we will soon Yuri will not see anywhere else: not at concerts or in music videos or on the Internet – threatened his ex-mentor.

Razin published a picture where he is depicted along with Shatunova and current Director of the singer Arkadi Kudryashova. Men captured on the background of the cemetery.

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