Yves-François Blanchet toured in Quebec

Yves-François Blanchet part en tournée au Québec

The chief bloquiste Yves-François Blanchet will travel through several regions of Québec in the framework of a summer tour.

On the theme of “It’s good to see”, this summer campaign was launched Tuesday in Quebec city occurs after a virtual tour that started last April.

“After weeks of isolation, it is a real pleasure to finally be able to go back and meet the people in the beautiful regions of Quebec, has entrusted Mr. Blanchet in a press release. Although I have discussed with hundreds of actors in scenes, municipal, community and business since march, in a virtual way, there is nothing like going talk in person.”

On Thursday, Mr. Blanchet has to meet the prime minister of Québec, François Legault, around 10 am, then travel to Sherbrooke in the late afternoon, in particular to meet the mayor of the city, Steve Lussier.

Yves-François Blanchet has also taken advantage of the opportunity to publicize the proposals of its training policy regarding the middle of the culture, who believes that “the federal government has forgotten our culture”.

In addition to return on the setting up of a 3% royalty to the giants of the web, the chief bloquiste suggests that the Provision of canadian emergency (PKU) is extended to workers in the areas of arts, culture and cultural tourism, that may not practice their profession due to the pandemic.

The Block also provides that Ottawa support a quebec program of compensation to the ticket office.

It also asks that “the amounts that the Québec pays in taxes at the federal level is not diverted to a denial of the importance of French in canadian culture and even more in quebec, and as a support to exit the crisis is accorded to institutions dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the French language across Canada”.

“Despite the cancellation of the festivals and events this summer, it must be remembered that culture is the essence of a people and the cultural environment should receive the help necessary to survive and get through this crisis,” indicated Mr. Blanchet in a statement on Tuesday.

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