Zachary Levi (Shazam) : “I have accepted the role of Shazam because I was unemployed” (Interview)

True or False with Zachary Levi for Shazam!

Zachary Levi, as the world has discovered as a Chuck in the series of the same name, embodies Shazam, the new super-heroes of DC Comics. A very important role for the comedian, who has granted us an exclusive interview during the promotion of the film.

I have worked very hard to be credible in the costume

Now that you’re a super-hero, you have figurines in your likeness. It is this which has forced you to accept this role ?

(Laughs) Yes, it is true, no one had yet understood. No, I have accepted the role of Shazam, mainly because I was unemployed at the time. And I am happy to have been at this period because it is the best job that I have ever offered, with which I was trusted. I am more than grateful. And with luck, people will love what he has done.

Let’s talk about the costume of Shazam, which is very far-fetched and like no other. You wear fake muscles ?

There are plenty of things to say about the costume, yeah. There are borders… They put it in place for almost all the costumes of super-heroes because to show a striation permanent muscle, you must be incredibly dehydrated. Seriously, the guys who are in the covers of the fitness magazines have not drunk water for several days, they have not eaten carbs for several months sometimes. You do want to clearly not stay like that all the time. There are addicted to fitness who think that it’s going, but when you talk to people, you see that this is not healthy. You are not supposed to be in this physical state constantly. So if the public demand that super-heroes have the six-pack-complete, even in their super-suits, no matter what the pose they take, then it is the best way to give them that.

But you’re still the same passed by the box weight for the role ?

I have also worked very hard to be able to be credible in the costume, of course.

If I am watching myself in a movie, I get auto-drunk

What was surprising with this film is that it is like no other of its kind. You really get the feeling of watching a comedy about a super-hero and not a superhero movie with humor. Do you agree with this vision ?

Yes, this is definitely a way to see this film. To be honest, I am very happy to see the first returns on this film, but I mess myself to really know what it was because I can’t see it. If I am watching myself in a movie, I get auto-drunk, because I’m very critical towards me. As I am the super-heroes, the central piece of the film, it is difficult for me to succeed to see the rest of the movie, thinking ‘This is what the different levels ? At what point is there in comedy ? Of the drama ?’ But it is sure that we can say that this is more of a comedy about a super-hero than a superhero movie with comedy. I also think that we really have different tones throughout the film. It can also be very scary with the crypt and the rest. We can also thank David Sandberg [director, ed] with his past in horror films and his masters to make you freak out people.

Few people know this, but Shazam is the real Captain Marvel in the world of comics. It’s funny how history even as Brie Larson embodies a heroine of the same name the film this year.

Yes, it is true. In 1939, Fawcett Comics created Captain Marvel, who has really marked the origins of our film, this character and where Billy Batson appears for the first time. And then DC bought Fawcett but they have not preserved either the “trademark Law” or “Copyright”. I don’t remember really which one, but they lost it and Marvel created their own Captain Marvel. And now we live in a world very interesting where there are two Captain Marvel. Only, a single publishing house can sell comics with Captain Marvel, so who is Carol Danvers, but the other character in comics Shazam remains always Captain Marvel. We live in a funny world.

It should still not be afraid to see you prick the role of Brie Larson in Avengers 4 ?

(Laughs) no, No. First, this is not really possible, I am in DC and in Marvel. And secondly, his movie is doing really really well. I don’t think that someone has already thought of it. And anyway the two movies are completely different, I don’t think I’d be up to it. She plays very well Carol Danvers. It is too different.

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