Zahar Berkut in the movie Ahtem Seitablaev will play a Hollywood star

Захара Беркута в фильме Ахтема Сеитаблаева сыграет звезда Голливуда

In the Carpathians Director Ahtem Seytablaev started shooting a historical film based on the novel by Ivan Franko “Zakhar Berkut”, which deals with the company Kinorob with the support of the state.

Second Director of the film was the American John winn, and co-produced — Jeff rice. The project will focus not only on Ukrainian but also on the American market. Film premiere is planned for 2019.

Захара Беркута в фильме Ахтема Сеитаблаева сыграет звезда Голливуда

— “The cooperation with our American partners is, first and foremost, our chance to tell the world this incredible heroic story of Ivan Franko, show far beyond the beauty of the Ukrainian Carpathians, to give the opportunity to learn more about our history, ancient traditions, culture, way of life, to hear authentic Ukrainian music, “infect” not only Ukrainian, but also the Western audience our country. In the scenario we have kept all the key messages inherent in classic work: the idea of civil society, unity, commitment and integrity, “—said Ahtem Seitablaev.

Director until the last moment, kept secret the names of the performers. Only when the filming started, it became known, the name of the performer of the title role. Zahar Berkut will play Hollywood star Robert Patrick, known to the Ukrainian audience on the role of a robot T-1000 in “Terminator 2: judgment day”.

Захара Беркута в фильме Ахтема Сеитаблаева сыграет звезда Голливуда

The news was unveiled by the actor himself, placing Istagram photos from the shoot in the Carpathian mountains, and Lviv. Judging by the photos, Robert Patrick has also been on the Synevir lake and taste the dishes of Ukrainian cuisine. “Beautiful Ukraine“—briefly he signed the photo.

Boyar-traitor Tugarov Vovk will play a Scottish actor Tommy Flanagan (“Gladiator”, “Braveheart”). In addition, the film stars, foreign stars, rocky Myers (“Lucifer”), poppy Drayton (“the Chronicles of Shannara”), Alex Macnicoll (“13 reasons why”), Tahmid Carambola (“Army myn Bala”), Ayan Utepbergenov (“Army myn Bala”, “Diamond sword”), Alex Macnicoll (“5-wave”, “Axl”), Alison Doody (“Indiana Jones and the last crusade”, “a View to a kill”) and others.

Many in the film and Ukrainian actors: Andrey Isaenko (“Cyborgs”), Oleg Voloshchenko (“Guard Outpost”), Viktor Zhdanov (“Cyborgs”), Alina Kovalenko, Oleg Stefanov and others.

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