Zavorotnyuk’s husband commented on the illness of the actress – media

The network pounced on the insider that PR on the mountain Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

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Муж Заворотнюк прокомментировал болезнь актрисы - СМИ

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk with her husband

The husband of the Russian actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, who came out of the coma and is recovering, skater Peter Chernyshev for the first time commented on the state of your favorite. According to colleagues Chernyshev, family actress hard going through the mountain.

Why Anastasia Zavorotnyuk was assigned guard video:

Official comments on the state of health of the stars of “My fair nanny” Anastasia close Zavorotniuk not allowed. But some of the stars of Russian show business don’t miss the opportunity to get into the media headlines at the expense of the actress.

So, on the eve aired the program “Let them talk”, in which the skater Alexander Yagudin admitted that he tried to contact Peter Chernyshev and find out how he feels Zavorotnyuk.

“I wrote to her husband… But he didn’t answer. Messages not being read,” says Yagudin. He added that he phoned a colleague, and the question about the status of Anastasia Peter answered, “Pray”, and allegedly hung up.

In the network of Alexander Yagudin immediately criticized and blamed that it is promoted on someone else’s grief. But in sporting circles the rumor is that this program Yagudin received about 200 thousand rubles.

Media reports also say that the Olympic champion Maxim Trankov blamed Yagudin in a lie. “As far as I know, no official statements from the family of Anastasia and Petya had not done, so any comments I give. I think you should address this question to Yagudin, who likes to sell themselves on other people’s tragedies,” said he.

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