Zavorotnyuk’s husband escaped from Russia with his mistress: what is known about new passion Chernyshova

Муж Заворотнюк сбежал из России с любовницей: что известно о новой пассии Чернышова

today, 20:28

The husband of a cancer patient actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk Peter Chernyshov left in Belarus. And not even himself.

It turned out that with a charming friend and fellow figure skater Tatiana Navka Chernyshov left Russia and his wife, who is now undergoing treatment on tour.

“Minsk, meet!.. our first fairy tale on ice “Ruslan and Lyudmila” will delight the audience,” – said Tatiana Navka Instagram.

The network increasingly POPs up the information that Blackburn is going to get away from the car crash, and constantly runs away from her on the show and to work.

“I am particularly pleased to bring its first ice show to you, because of my professional history is connected with your beautiful country… And I have only warm and pleasant memories of that time!”, — written by the wife of Putin’s press Secretary.

As Blackburn and other family members continue to remain silent about the real state of health of the stars of the series “My fair nanny”.

Recall that Blackburn got rid of the last mention of the car crash.

As reported Know. ua, anabaena Zavorotnyuk is divorcing her husband.

Also Know As. ua wrote that anabaena Zavorotnyuk is divorcing her husband, has removed all photos.

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