“Zénith”: live sound problems for Véronique Cloutier

“Zénith”: Live sound issues for Véronique Cloutier


Véronique Cloutier had trouble opening the third episode of her new show “Zénith” due to a sound problem. 

As the program is broadcast live every Thursday evening, this kind of technical glitch is part of the risk. Viewers were able to see this for long minutes.

The whole opening of the host was in silent mode and it seems that in the studio there was no sound problem, because the sequences continued as if nothing had happened and the enthusiasm was there.

Thus, the four singers invited to seduce the generations on the set and at home were presented without let's hear what Véro was saying.

At the time of writing, it had not been possible to obtain comments from Radio-Canada or KOTV, which produces the new musical competition.

Fortunately, the sound was back at the time of the first performance, that of Véronique Claveau (Y), and even before, for the recorded segment in which she explained her strategy.

Véronique Cloutier pointed out the sound problem later in the show, moving on quickly, because things are rolling at “Zénith”.

The other singers rs performing were Ludovick Bourgeois (Z), Kim Richardson (boomers) and Jonas Tomalty (X). It was Kim Richardson who triumphed with an inventive and very surprising version of “Love is a rebellious bird” – Opéra Carmen (Habanera). She even got five points from the public, for an overall total of 96 points, which allows her to climb to the top among the boomers, ahead of Johanne Blouin and Patsy Gallant. The great Kim got the highest score yet.