Zest.ca: a bunch of heads… at your fingertips

Zeste.ca: une belle brochette de chefs... à portée des doigts

A new address comes to bailing out the large pantry, a culinary web – Zest.ca. Concocted from the site foodlavie.com the platform of Quebecor put on strength in numbers to please the connoisseurs as well as to neophytes.

“The site Zest.ca, these are all professionals of the food that can be found on the same site, so it is very accessible for everyone, ” says chef Hugo Saint-Jacques. It gives amazing content and quality is extremely professional.”

“Peel, this is not just a person. It is full of world leaders, professionals, ” he continues. In addition, there are prominent personalities in the middle of the kitchen as Chuck Hughes and Stefano Faita, the “gang” of Kitchen Galerie, Mathieu Cloutier. […] It is a recipe book that is an encyclopedia in itself.”

Wide range

The amalgam of specialists that can be found on Zest.it provides a diversity, both in the way of cooking and the selection of recipes for getting tips and tricks.

“We don’t have a headliner, it has a multitude of headliners,” adds Adrien Lebrun, director of strategy and digital products at Quebecor. Each has its special characteristics, its skills. We want to feed our community Zest, leaders also present at the tv as others who come spontaneously.”

On his grocery list intended for internet users, Zest.ca has thus registered as indispensable elements like accessibility, simplicity and the radiation of the food here.

“Increasingly, our products are québec darlings, stresses Hugo Saint-Jacques. So much the better. It’s been enough years that we are working on it. I am so happy. It is too bad that it took a negative side of life to show us that it was also important. At least, you begin to realize it.”

At the discretion of our seasons

Those who visit the site also have access to many selections of flavors made taking into account the times of the year.

They can “find recipes well presented, on content easy to do, fast, good, and very focused on the seasons, the great periods, as the season of the maple, the series of the NHL– and, according to the daily,” explains Adrien Lebrun.

In addition, with Zest.ca, it really is about sharing.

“If someone wants to cook at home, receiving the world, it is an indispensable platform because it will allow him to find the recipes they want to, to get tricks and tips to know to draw up his table, to discover new things. That is all that will allow for cooking and entertaining at home, and share fun with his friends, his family and his guests.”

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